Medavie EMS Corrupted Ways Covered Up by PEI and NS Health, Canada

Medavie EMS Corrupted Ways Covered up by PEI and NS Health, Canada

Medavie EMS Corrupted Ways Covered up by PEI and NS Health, Canada

Over 10 mg of Versed is being used on females causing unconsciousness by Medavie EMS.  It has also ended in causing respiratory and cardiac arrests on the female victims which has led to fatal prognosis and death for some.  This illegal and perverted act is being covered by the Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Health Authorities.

This criminal act is being endorsed by the corrupted College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward Island, Registrar paid off.  Registrar is the infamous and well political corrupted connected Dr. Cyril Moyse.  On the board of the college to promote criminal acts of others, including themselves is Dr. Colin Foley (infamous for falsifying radiology reports to cover up negligence) and Dr. George Carruthers who is well known corrupted figure on PEI.  Barbara Currie has that infamous last name that is a well known corrupted name on PEI.

Oh what a tangled, corrupted, perverted web that was weaved on PEI.  They have infested the NS Health Authority and doctors paid off to cover up their corrupted and negligent ways.


Medavie EMS Overdosing Females with Versed

PEI EMS has history of oversedating females with versed illegally and being covered up. An overdose of versed on a threatened female where threats were followed through. Covered up by Health PEI and PEI corrupted doctors

PEI EMS , Medavie EMS, incompetent and corrupt covered up by PEI Health and NS Health

Prince Edward Island Health and Wellness is CORRUPT to the core. Not to mention GASHA in NS.  Medavie EMS is well known to cover up the perverted murderous acts of their EMTs using VERSED on females in PEI and NS

Altering reports, making up bogus reports, consults, assessments, altering tests, assessments, lab results, etc – for financial and professional gain, as well as,  to cover-up the harm, neglience, abuses, even fatalities that are done to patients, in the name of health care.

There are MANY  doctors and specialists, who have been involved in criminal and illegal acts against their patients, purposely causing harm to patient, falsifying medical records, lying, …the list is endless!
PEI Health and Wellness is plagued with massive corruption.  NS Health is plagued with similar corruption in the name to protect the perverted deviants in Medavie EMS.

Such as:
Dr. Heather Keizer
Dr. Nicole Drost
Dr. Brad Brandon
Dr. Thor Christensen
Dr. John Dickman
Dr. Monica McNeill
Dr. Harminder Dhillon
Dr. Barbara M. Ross
Dr. Abayomi Onikoyi-Deckon
Dr. N Murphy
Dr. Andre Celliers

Corrupted College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI to protected the perverted and murderous acts of Medavie EMS as they continue to use VERSED to cause females unconsciousness.

  • Dr. George Carruthers – protecting the perverted illegal acts of Medavie EMS – board of the College of Phyicians and Surgeons of PEI
  • Barbara Currie – Board of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI
  • Dr. Cyril Moyse – Registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI
  • Dr. Colin Foley- Radiologist who was caught falsifying radiology reports- on the College Board- conflict ???????


  • PEI EMS – Massive Corrupt and Illegal acts, Causing bodily harm, damages, fatalities


  • Social Workers such as Maxine Barbour -abuses, falsified medical records, incompetence causing bodily harm and abuses to patients, others ….


  • Administrators at PCH and QEH, like Jamie MacDonaldThe following radiologists have refused multiple formal requests to confirm/deny if their reports are valid :
    Melanie McQuaid
    Colin Foley (also on the board of College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI – conflict???)
    Douglas Neilson


  • Former and present Ministers of Health … Premiers …Health PEI …
    MASSIVE corruption and abuses :  Access health care on PEI at YOUR OWN RISK!!

Medavie EMS has also corrupted collusion between the PEI Health and NS Health.  GASHA is plagued with corrupted deviants protecting and promoting falsified medical records, including falsified radiology reports.

There are several radiologists, doctors and specialists who have been named in massive medical cover up in Nova Scotia to protect the perverted predators and killers that make up Medavie EMS.

Versed is the drug of choice of the perverted killers of Medavie EMS.

Prince Edward Island Paramedics Illegally Overdosing Females with Versed

PEI Health, PEI EMS, Versed Overdose, Corrupt Health Cover-ups

PEI EMS, Paramedics Overdosing Females with Versed Illegally

Prince Edward Island, Canada is plagued with perverts, including the massive corrupted deviants,  that are well known throughout PEI Health and Wellness.

Warning: PEI is promoting the illegal act of giving VERSED to females . PEI has continued the cover up of perverted PEI EMS predators to continue to give overdose amounts of Versed illegally, to females.

PEI Health has also continued to cover up illegal criminal acts by allowing and covering up PEI EMS perverts overdosing females with Versed, while they do physicals on unconscious females.

PEI Health is covering up the illegal use of VERSED in OVERDOSE amounts that is causing harm and even death to females that are not resuscitated correctly by the incompetent PEI Paramedics

Covering up overdosing females with Versed by incompetent and perverted PEI EMTs , EMS, under Medavive is the norm on PEI. Females are overdosed with Versed in amounts of over 10 mg with other drugs, loss of consciousness, put into cardiac respiratory arrest, and some have died and/or dying as a result but covered by the Health PEI with big pay offs for the corrupted.

Why are EMTs doing physicals on unconscious females who they have overdosed on Versed? One perverted EMT was too busy doing a physical on an unconscious female that he did not realize she was in a respiratory/cardiac arrest. It did not end well for this female, needless to say. But Health PEI has paid millions in cover-ups for such perverted and incompetent negligence.

Former Premier Ghiz was recently appointed to the head of Medavive, September 2016. “Bagman Ghiz” needed for pay offs to those corrupted Medical Deviants, off island, if any victims try to access health care in another province, eh, GASHA? Health PEI spreading its’ perverted corrupted and deviant ways off island. Beware Canada.

PEI is a massive mess of corrupted perverted deviants. Calling 911 could be the last call one makes, a death sentence for some females.

Health PEI is hiring paramedics. Only the corrupted, incompetent, perverted, negligent deviants need to apply.

Holland College is educating the perverted, incompetent paramedics.  Way to go, Prince Edward Island.  Leading the way in deviance, corruption, and perversion.

PEI EMS Perversion Turns to Murder with Corrupted PEI Health Cover-up

PEI EMS, (Island EMS), Prince Edward Island, Canada: has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females: An Illegal and Unethical Practice

PEI EMS Illegally Injecting Females with Versed: Perversion turned to Murder.  Island EMS, PEI Paramedics, have had this illegal act covered up by Health PEI, Sullivan, R.N., Minister of Health, Hospitals, Doctors and other unprofessionals.  However, when a female was threatened with specific ways that she would endure bodily harm and death, the threats were followed through exactly as stated.  The specific threats were reported and documented by police, lawyers, officials, and many others.  When Dr. Heather Keizer, who had also documented the specific threats, confirmed the threats with other doctors, she was supposed to go to the police to report that the threats were followed through on.  Instead of reporting the threats she documented, to the police, she went to the person who initiated the threats on the female, her former boss, the President of University of PEI.  He was now acting Premier.  Dr. Heather Keizer confirmed the threats with her former boss and the now acting Premier and Minister of Health gave Dr. Heather Keizer a HUGE salary of over a million per year and many perks and promotions.  Not bad for keeping her silence and participating in the abusive illegal acts of covering up the crimes.  However, it seems as though falsified medical records and tests are being exposed by ethical off island doctors and specialists.  They are horrified with the abuses and corrupted unethical ways of the PEI health unprofessionals.  Jail time is needed.  Will the Premier and the self appointed attorney general hold himself accountable for the threats he made and were followed through on? NOT, will have to be an off island investigation into that murder for hire investigation.

PEI EMS, (Island EMS), Prince Edward Island, Canada: has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females:  An Illegal and Unethical Practice

Island EMS, PEI Paramedics, have been injecting versed ILLEGALLY to females and it has been covered up regardless of the complaints and damages to females.  However, this covered up perversion that EMS takes part in has turned into murder.  A female who was being threatened specifically with threats of bodily harm and death, was overdosed by EMS and her prognosis is death.  The specific threats were reported and documented by many officials, lawyers, police, professors, and others.  It was well documented and the threats were followed through EXACTLY as threatened!!

PEI EMS has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females, against protocols, and without orders.

Versed is a controlled drug, how is it accounted for?

Why would EMS be using VERSED on females?

One female was so overdosed and went into cardiac/respiratory arrest.  The arrest could not be managed by the incompetent EMT due to the huge versed overdose given which caused this life-threatening emergency. 

Her prognosis is death.

Worse yet, this practice continues to be covered PEI Health, those so-called health professionals employed as doctors, specialists,  PEI Health officials, hospital administrators

Health PEI, Sullivan, R.N. responsible for the poor management of PEI EMS; as well as, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Prince County Hospital have been covering up this morbid, illegal practice, with further illegal acts, such as falsifying medical records, lying to off island doctors and specialists.  Their unethical and illegal acts are endless.  WHY??? Who could have such power to allow and cover up such illegal practices?  Start at the top.

Note- The former Health Minister and Minister of Education  was involved in the threats with the former UPEI President, on a targeted female at UPEI.  The threats of bodily harm and death were well documented and reported.  The threats were followed through as was threatened.

The former UPEI president  , now acting Premier and PEI Minister of Health gave  Dr. Heather Keizer over a million in salary with many promotions to cover up the documented threats that were made on this female.  Dr. Heather Keizer has altered and modified the female’s medical records at the request of those who had threatened the female with permanent bodily harm and death.  Dr. Heather Keizer did NOT go to the police as she should have after verifying the documented threats to several doctors. Instead, she went to the person, her former UPEI boss, the “Boss” who initiated the threats.  That is when Dr. Heather Keizer became a millionaire with many perks and promotions.

All illegal.  Would this not be pre-mediated murder.  EMS overdosed the female as was threatened and documented by so many when the threats became specific in nature.  The threatened female suffered a cardiac arrest with cysts being put in her lungs when the incompetent EMT inserted an airway incorrectly.  The female prognosis is no cure, death.  The corruption and falsified records of Dr. Heather Keizer and Dr. Nicole Drost ,who were paid off, to do such illegal acts were caught by off island doctors and specialists.  The other corrupted doctors and social workers, hospital administrators who are involved eagerly participated in order to fill their pockets with rewards.

An off island police investigation is needed.

Those corrupted and abusive health unprofessionals need to be in jail with the other corrupted sociopaths who assist with covering up murder and doing illegal acts and abuses to participate in the cover up.


Uses of Versed:  Only in hospitals where one trained person can monitor the cardiac and respiratory signs of the patient.  The trained person would be a doctor or anaesthesiologist who can insert an airway in the event of respiratory depression/arrest and/or deal with cardiac arrest.

  • Use only when adequate treatment facilities for appropriate management of therapy and complications are available.  This does NOT include the back of an ambulance with one male EMT.
  • For patients, an individual other than the clinician performing the procedure should be dedicated to monitoring the patient throughout the procedure
  • Sedation in Critical-care Settings

    Sedation of intubated and mechanically ventilated patients in a critical-care setting

Midazolam is also given to produce amnesia (loss of memory) so that the patient will not remember any discomfort or undesirable effects that may occur after a surgery or invasive medical procedure.

Note that many medical professional refuse Versed or similar drugs for their own procedures because they see firsthand the consequences of conscious sedation.

Also note that Versed is also known as a date-rape drug. Versed is perfect for predators because it make the recipient completely compliant and generally induces memory loss of traumatic events. For example, a male nurse gave some women Versed and then raped them. Any patient who is given Versed is in a vulnerable position to be sexually abused in medical settings. A patient who is sexually abused while under influence of Versed will rarely remember what happened. Versed has an amnesiac effect and that you could not remember what really happened.

There have been cases that now show that medical personnel have used versed to rape and ended in death due to mixing the versed with other drugs, ending in death.
“If you don’t know of this class of drugs, you may have heard of “Roofies” the “date rape” drug which have been used to both make a victim pliable and also to make her forget the rape. There are stronger drugs, such as Versed, which are used in surgery.”
Why were the doctors paid off so much, including Dr. Heather Keizer being paid over a million in salary with many perks and promotions since she went to the person who made the threats on the female.  Dr. Heather Keizer had documented the specific threats made by the former UPEI president.  After verifying the threats, Dr. Heather Keizer confirmed the threats were followed through by  her former UPEI boss.  She was silenced and assisted in the illegal cover up with her participating in many illegal acts and abuses, with a salary of over a million a year and promotions.

PEI EMS and PEI Health Corrupted Cover Ups Using Versed, Illegally


Prince Edward Island Health and Wellness, PEI EMS,

PEI, Canada

PEI EMS have been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females, against protocols and without orders.

Versed is a controlled drug, how is it accounted for?

Why would EMS be using VERSED on females?

Females were  being overly sedated without orders and against protocol.  Why?

One female was so overdosed and the cardiac/respiratory arrest could not be managed by the EMT who put her into the arrest due to his overdosing her.

Her prognosis is death.

Massive fraud, abuses, incompetence, corruption infests the entire Health care system on PEI, Canada.

Falsifying medical records, altering medical records, lying, brutal abuses of patients, denying patients their rights, breaking laws, causing further health damage by not treating patients due to the negligent acts causing further health damages are just a few examples of the immoral deviants who provide “health care”

Health PEI, PEI Health Minister, Sullivan, R.N. at Health PEI, PEI EMS – IEMS- ; as well as, Administrators, Doctors, Specialists, Radiologists and ER departments at  QEH, PCH have been covering up this morbid, illegal practice.  WHY???  Covering up illegal acts, abuses, harm, death, incompetence with further illegal acts.

Health PEI Cover-ups include PEI EMS Corrupt and Incompetent

PEI EMS  Corrupt and Illegal Acts causing Harm and Death to Patients: Don't call 911

PEI EMS Corrupt and Illegal Acts causing Harm and Death to Patients: Don’t call 911 on PEI