Prince Edward Island Paramedics Illegally Overdosing Females with Versed

PEI Health, PEI EMS, Versed Overdose, Corrupt Health Cover-ups

PEI EMS, Paramedics Overdosing Females with Versed Illegally

Prince Edward Island, Canada is plagued with perverts, including the massive corrupted deviants,  that are well known throughout PEI Health and Wellness.

Warning: PEI is promoting the illegal act of giving VERSED to females . PEI has continued the cover up of perverted PEI EMS predators to continue to give overdose amounts of Versed illegally, to females.

PEI Health has also continued to cover up illegal criminal acts by allowing and covering up PEI EMS perverts overdosing females with Versed, while they do physicals on unconscious females.

PEI Health is covering up the illegal use of VERSED in OVERDOSE amounts that is causing harm and even death to females that are not resuscitated correctly by the incompetent PEI Paramedics

Covering up overdosing females with Versed by incompetent and perverted PEI EMTs , EMS, under Medavive is the norm on PEI. Females are overdosed with Versed in amounts of over 10 mg with other drugs, loss of consciousness, put into cardiac respiratory arrest, and some have died and/or dying as a result but covered by the Health PEI with big pay offs for the corrupted.

Why are EMTs doing physicals on unconscious females who they have overdosed on Versed? One perverted EMT was too busy doing a physical on an unconscious female that he did not realize she was in a respiratory/cardiac arrest. It did not end well for this female, needless to say. But Health PEI has paid millions in cover-ups for such perverted and incompetent negligence.

Former Premier Ghiz was recently appointed to the head of Medavive, September 2016. “Bagman Ghiz” needed for pay offs to those corrupted Medical Deviants, off island, if any victims try to access health care in another province, eh, GASHA? Health PEI spreading its’ perverted corrupted and deviant ways off island. Beware Canada.

PEI is a massive mess of corrupted perverted deviants. Calling 911 could be the last call one makes, a death sentence for some females.

Health PEI is hiring paramedics. Only the corrupted, incompetent, perverted, negligent deviants need to apply.

Holland College is educating the perverted, incompetent paramedics.  Way to go, Prince Edward Island.  Leading the way in deviance, corruption, and perversion.