Medavie EMS Overdosing Females with Versed

PEI EMS has history of oversedating females with versed illegally and being covered up. An overdose of versed on a threatened female where threats were followed through. Covered up by Health PEI and PEI corrupted doctors

PEI EMS , Medavie EMS, incompetent and corrupt covered up by PEI Health and NS Health

Prince Edward Island Health and Wellness is CORRUPT to the core. Not to mention GASHA in NS.  Medavie EMS is well known to cover up the perverted murderous acts of their EMTs using VERSED on females in PEI and NS

Altering reports, making up bogus reports, consults, assessments, altering tests, assessments, lab results, etc – for financial and professional gain, as well as,  to cover-up the harm, neglience, abuses, even fatalities that are done to patients, in the name of health care.

There are MANY  doctors and specialists, who have been involved in criminal and illegal acts against their patients, purposely causing harm to patient, falsifying medical records, lying, …the list is endless!
PEI Health and Wellness is plagued with massive corruption.  NS Health is plagued with similar corruption in the name to protect the perverted deviants in Medavie EMS.

Such as:
Dr. Heather Keizer
Dr. Nicole Drost
Dr. Brad Brandon
Dr. Thor Christensen
Dr. John Dickman
Dr. Monica McNeill
Dr. Harminder Dhillon
Dr. Barbara M. Ross
Dr. Abayomi Onikoyi-Deckon
Dr. N Murphy
Dr. Andre Celliers

Corrupted College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI to protected the perverted and murderous acts of Medavie EMS as they continue to use VERSED to cause females unconsciousness.

  • Dr. George Carruthers – protecting the perverted illegal acts of Medavie EMS – board of the College of Phyicians and Surgeons of PEI
  • Barbara Currie – Board of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI
  • Dr. Cyril Moyse – Registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI
  • Dr. Colin Foley- Radiologist who was caught falsifying radiology reports- on the College Board- conflict ???????


  • PEI EMS – Massive Corrupt and Illegal acts, Causing bodily harm, damages, fatalities


  • Social Workers such as Maxine Barbour -abuses, falsified medical records, incompetence causing bodily harm and abuses to patients, others ….


  • Administrators at PCH and QEH, like Jamie MacDonaldThe following radiologists have refused multiple formal requests to confirm/deny if their reports are valid :
    Melanie McQuaid
    Colin Foley (also on the board of College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI – conflict???)
    Douglas Neilson


  • Former and present Ministers of Health … Premiers …Health PEI …
    MASSIVE corruption and abuses :  Access health care on PEI at YOUR OWN RISK!!

Medavie EMS has also corrupted collusion between the PEI Health and NS Health.  GASHA is plagued with corrupted deviants protecting and promoting falsified medical records, including falsified radiology reports.

There are several radiologists, doctors and specialists who have been named in massive medical cover up in Nova Scotia to protect the perverted predators and killers that make up Medavie EMS.

Versed is the drug of choice of the perverted killers of Medavie EMS.


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