PEI Health and Wellness Plagued with Unethical, Incompetent, Medical Deviants


PEI Health is plagued with massive corruption with big pay offs for covering up all negligence, perverted actions, illegal acts, total incompetence, falsified medical credentials and horrific acts that would sicken and shock anyone.

Falsified medical records and reports are the norm with Health PEI, Prince Edward Island, yes that is in Canada.

Hard to find any medical record from PEI Health that has not been falsified.

Dr. Heather Keizer is one of the million dollar unethical fraudsters. who controls and allows the medical records to be falsified.  Dr. Nicole Drost is her well known fraudster in this well known crime within Health PEI.  The list of fraudsters and corrupted, unethical licenced deviants called doctors is shocking.

Entire falsified admissions can be made up by the infamous Keizer, with a little help from all the other unethical and corrupted Medical Deviants, on PEI.  Proudly paid off by the well known corrupted Health PEI.

Covering up overdosing females with Versed by incompetent and perverted PEI EMTs , EMS, under Medavive is the norm on PEI.  Females are overdosed with Versed in amounts of over 10 mg with other drugs, loss of consciousness, put into cardiac respiratory arrest, and some have died and/or dying as a result; but, covered by the Health PEI with big pay offs for the corrupted.

Why are EMTs doing physicals on unconscious females who they have overdosed on Versed?  One perverted EMT was too busy doing a physical on an unconscious female that he did not realize she was in a respiratory/cardiac arrest.  It did not end well for this female, needless to say.  But Health PEI has paid millions in cover-ups for such perverted and incompetent negligence.

Former Premier Ghiz was recently appointed to the head of Medavive, September 2016.  “Bagman Ghiz” needed for pay offs to those corrupted Medical Deviants, off island, if any victims try to access health care in another province, eh GASHA?

Of course, when caught, the Medical Deviants are also given lots of lawyers to protect them, compliments of Health PEI Minister along with the infamous Premier and self appointed Attorney General of PEI.  The PEI Premier is the former University of PEI President.  Ahhh, running the university in the same manner as the province with more power.

PEI is a massive mess of corrupted perverted deviants.

Health PEI is hiring.  Only the corrupted, incompetent, perverted, negligent deviants need to apply.


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