Island EMS Illegal Acts Protected by Corrupted Health PEI

PEI EMS, (Island EMS), Prince Edward Island, Canada: has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females: An Illegal and Unethical Practice

PEI EMS Illegally Injecting Females with Versed Corruption and Abuses protected and promoted by PEI doctors and PEI Health

Island EMS, PEI Paramedics, PEI EMS, have been injecting versed ILLEGALLY to females and it has been covered up, regardless of the complaints and damages to females.  However, this covered up perversion that EMS takes part in has turned into murder, after a threatened female, was overdosed with a huge amount of versed and put into arrest.  A respiratory and cardiac arrest that an incompetent and ill-trained EMT could not manage and caused the female a fatal diagnosis.  Death, no cure for the resulting and ongoing damages to her damaged heart and lungs as a result of the overdose.  These Island EMTs, hired at Island EMS are supposedly “trained” at Holland College in PEI.  This college, like all educational institutions on PEI has come under much scrutiny in their training programs.  The specific threats were reported and documented by many officials, lawyers, police, professors, and others.  It was well documented and the threats were followed through EXACTLY as threatened!!

PEI EMS has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females, against protocols, and without orders.

Versed is a controlled drug, how is it accounted for?

Why would EMS be using VERSED on females?

One female was so overdosed and went into cardiac/respiratory arrest.  The arrest could not be managed by the incompetent EMT due to the huge versed overdose given which caused this life-threatening emergency. 

Her prognosis is death.

Worse yet, this practice continues to be covered PEI Health, those so-called health professionals employed as doctors, specialists,  PEI Health officials, hospital administrators

Health PEI, Sullivan, R.N. responsible for the poor management of PEI EMS; as well as, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Prince County Hospital have been covering up this morbid, illegal practice, with further illegal acts, such as falsifying medical records, lying to off island doctors and specialists.  Their unethical and illegal acts are endless.  WHY??? Who could have such power to allow and cover up such illegal practices?  Start at the top.


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