PEI Health Corrupted Medical Gang of Unethical and Incompetent Physicians

PEI Physicians are Corrupted and Unethical. Corrupted practices, health care fraud, abuses of patients, illegal acts, are promoted and rewarded by PEI Health and Wellness, PEI, Canada

PEI Health Corrupted with Unethical and Incompetent PEI Physicians.  Accessing, altering and falsifying medical records and diagnostic tests is promoted to cover up illegal acts, crimes, malpractice and blatant incompetence which has caused massive abuses and death of patients.  PEI Heath has hired questionable doctors who have lied regarding credentials, backgrounds, and have doctors who cannot work in other provinces.  Health care corrupted and abusive mess.  PEI Health will only hire corrupted and unethical workers as the ethical and competent health care workers would not tolerate or be able to be exposed to such inhumanity and abuse of patients.  When they get caught lying, committing fraud, abusing patients, covering up illegal acts, including crimes against patients, Health PEI will hire the corrupted doctors a bunch of lawyers.  The health care budget is spent on protecting the corrupted PEI doctors so they can continue to practice incompetence, abuses, and unethical acts against patients.



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