Corrupt PEI Health and PEI Physicians do Harm and Abuse Patients

Canadian Mental Health Association, Prince Edward Island

PEI Medical Society infested with corrupted doctors. Health PEI and Corrupted PEI Physicians abusing patients, involved in massive illegal acts.  Corrupted Health PEI includes the unethical and corrupted social workers, PEI EMS, Island EMS, Administrators violating laws and rights of patients, where the patients are brutally abused and harmed. 

Health PEI refuses to comply with laws, infamous for abuse and violence against females, doctors verbally slandering and abusing female patients, altering and falsifying medical assessments and medical records; openly violating the laws.  Slandering the female is common place and a common occurrence on PEI, especially when it is promoted by Health PEI.  This was a common occurence at the University of PEI where the Premier and self-appointed Attorney General was the UPEI President.  Corrupted and abusive people don’t change.  Promoting the abuse and targeting of females was well known and promoted at the University of PEI when the former president of UPEI ran the university.  He now runs the entire province and it is well known how much he enjoys destroying and humiliating females.

Health PEI is a perfect way to destroy females and patients.  By those who have been eager to be bought off and have used their Licences to abuse, harm and kill patients.   When Doctors on PEI lack morals, they are dangerous to any patient.  Doctors not only lack morals but they lack humanity and competence.

These doctors are a few examples of corrupted and abusive physicians on PEI, Canada who have abused patients both physically and verbally (slander):

Dr.Heather Keizer
Dr. Nicole Drost
Dr. John Dickman
Dr. Barbara M. Ross
Dr. Harminder Dhillon
Dr. A Onikoyi-Deckon
Dr. Thor Christensen

Dr. Monica McNeill

Social Worker Maxine Barbour- brutally corrupted, abusive, illegal acts, wrote falsified reports, did not conduct investigations, abuses an abused woman, slandered an abused female—she is sick.

These are just a few of the abusive and corrupted doctors who have verbally abused, slandered patients, altered and falsified documents causing physical and psychological violence against patients.  They have caused one female additional cardiac damage, lung damage, they have abused a dying patient (they covered up the malpractice that led to the patient’s fatal diagnosis); they have broken so many laws.  They need to be jailed.

Dr. Keizer and Drost slandered patients to discredit complaints made by patients by calling them “crazy”, having “mental health issues” – all lies;

Barbara M Ross has done so many illegal acts it is sickening,

Harminder Dhillon is vicious towards abused women calling them “vagabonds”, she called a female who was successful both academically and professionally with 3 degrees and a graduate degree a “useless street whore”.  She will not be practicing for long.  She is also involved in calling the police with Dr. Ross, Keizer, Drost on a female who was taking them to the Medical Board by lying stating the patient was violent.  The RCMP yelled at the psychiatrist, Harminder Dhillon, telling her it was illegal in what she  , PCH and the others were doing.

RCMP refused to transport the female victim as ‘violent’.  Disgrace to any medical profession.

Dr. Onikoyi-Deckon’s credentials cannot be verified, except that he went to some university in Nigeria.  He lacks knowledge on laws, medical issues, and threatened a female along with the verbal abuses.

All of these doctors have altered, accessed and falsified medical records, assessments and documents.

WHY is PEI Health promoting such abuses?

And all are protected by Health PEI with their being hired lawyers for all of the corrupted abusers so they can continue their corrupted illegal acts and abusing the patients.


Here is an excerpt on a complaint regarding Dr. John Dickman who openly abuses, slanders and verbally assaults females regardless of witnesses:

“Dr. Dickman, an ER doctor at Prince County Hospital, is notorious for his bad temper and arrogance. My friend went to the ER at PCH and Dickman made false accusations (without any evidence) and was verbally abusive to her without any reason.

My friend was so upset over the slanderous, verbal abuse that she endured by Dickman that she asked to speak to a nursing supervisor, regarding the abusive incident that had occurred.

Not to be outdone by Dickman, but the nursing supervisor shows up very angry, won’t even allow my friend to speak, and says, “I don’t have time to listen to any of your complaints!”…”If you don’t like it, SUE ME!”

PCH and many of the incompetent unprofessionals should have been sued a long time ago. But, challenging someone, who was just abused by a doctor, for no reason, and then challenge a patient to sue her…. well, that tells one how out of control they are at PCH and Health PEI. The unethical and corrupted are protected by the unethical and corrupted.

Then entire system is sick. It is not going to improve, and will continue to go down hill now that the new liberal hack has been put in charge… a doctor with a PHD with UPEI credentials is now going to run the broken and sick health system…. enough said

It is a freak show at the PCH.
Abusing patients is common
Dickman needs some anger management classes, he has ‘issues’ and that is an understatement.”

A Patient who was brutally abused physically and verbally by those who work for Health PEI, Prince Edward Island, Canada

A very sick and demented, albeit, totally corrupted island – a province of Canada- but refuses and are not required to comply to any laws, Acts, Regulations.


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