PEI Health and Wellness Protects Corrupted PEI Physicians

Access PEI Health and Wellness services, including EMS, at your own risk

Health PEI corrupted with Incompetent Physicians who Lie, cover-up and Falsify Medical Records

Dr. Nicole Drost has been caught falsifying medical records, lying, abusing patients.  When caught, PEI Health and Wellness hired her a lawyer to continue with abusing patients, her fraud, incompetence, and falsifying medical records.

In civilized societies, such inhuman and incompetence would be punished.  In PEI, Canada it is rewarded.  Rewarded by a Premier, a Health Minister and Health PEI.

A very corrupted and deviant health system filled with predators and incompetent sociopaths who practice medicine with a PEI licence.

Dr. Nicole Drost was caught lying to off island doctors and specialists.  Dr. Nicole Drost has assisted Dr. Heather Keizer in alleged fraud, malpractice, abuse of patients, lying and harming patients.

Dr. Heather Keizer, Dr. Nicole Drost have recruited other incompetent and corrupted PEI Physicians.  Beware and stay off this very perverted and corrupted island.

When doctors will lie and falsify records, and go to extremes to harm patients, then the society is very dangerous.  These predators, called physicians, have a licence to kill.  They have shown what they will do, illegally, with such a licence.

They should be jailed, but this is not a civilized society, on PEI.  They are rewarded for their illegal, corrupted and abusive acts.


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