PEI Health Medical Records, Diagnostic Tests are Falsified by PEI Society of Corrupted Physicians Promoted by Administrators

PEI doctors have harmed and knowingly caused severe injury, both physical and psychological; have refused patients any sort of rights, human rights, dignity, …. inhumane brutality is rewarded on PEI.

PEI Health Corrupted Medical Records and Illegal Acts, Fraud at Hospitals, PEI Health  .  Arrogance and corruption rules on PEI, especially at Health PEI.  A new CT scanner at PCH.  There is nothing wrong with the machines, it is the doctors who access the tests ILLEGALLY and alter them to hide crimes, malpractice, negligence; and the Radiologists who refuse to answer, with Gailyne MacPherson who is well AWARE of the fraud and has attempted to cover it up.  Of course, as with all formal complaints of abuses and illegal acts, Arlene Gallant-Bernard is no different than the other crooks at Health PEI , in that she remains non-responsive and silent on the crimes and illegal acts.  To note, if she was ethical and did respond or did stop the illegal acts, she would NOT have a job.  Money to be paid off in the pretense of health care while destroying people and their lives.  SHAME!  PEI Medical Society filled with corrupted doctors, PEI Board of Physicians and Surgeons, Board of Health, PEI, PEI minister of  Health corruption, Henderson, is seen in this photo as well.  The next photos should be mug shots going to jail, but they claim they have been given immunity from the self appointed Attorney General. 

PEI doctors have harmed and knowingly caused severe injury, both physical and psychological; have refused patients any sort of rights, human rights, dignity, …. inhumane brutality is rewarded on PEI.

Just following orders is not a defense in crimes, including using controlled drugs, without orders to over sedate females and to overdose them.

PEI EMS, Island EMS, has been using Versed, illegally, on female patients.  IEMS has used restraints on sedated females without orders and against the law.  IEMS has done physicals on sedated females, females they gave Versed to, and even did a physical on an unconscious patient while she was in a cardiac-respiratory arrest for over 15 minutes without the EMT noticing.  Perverts?  It was always covered up.

But will an overdose that was threatened on a bullied female which was followed through on, including threats of bodily harm and death mean that it will continue to be covered up?Or will those involved in making the threats, planning the threats to be followed through on and those who actually injected the overdose of Versed that is causing her lungs and heart to collapse, with a prognosis of No Cure; Death be held accountable for their illegal and criminal acts?

Threats of permanent bodily harm and death was threatened on a bullied female.  Dr. Keizer verified the documented threats.  Dr. Keizer went to  the “boss” to verify the threats were followed through on.  She was given millions and promotions since then to run a very inhumane cover-up.  Many at Health PEI and other doctors are involved.  Dr. Keizer brought in Dr. Nicole Drost who was diagnosing the cause of the cardiac and lung damages.  It was caused by the overdose which was causing ongoing cardiac damages and collapsing of the female’s lungs.

The prognosis is no cure, death.

Threats followed through as ordered.

Murder weapon: Overdose of Versed given illegally by PEI EMS

Cover-up:  Health PEI, Dr. Heather Keizer, Dr. Nicole Drost, Sullivan, R.N., Doctors, Specialists, Hospital administrators.

The entire province is corrupted with immoral and so called professionals who are paid off to do illegal acts and cover-up crimes.

Shocking that so many are so corrupted.  Frightening that so many are quick to cover up massive abuses with further abuses and violations against abused patients.

Access PEI Health and Wellness services, including EMS, at your own risk

Fraud, falsifying records, making up assessments, adding false medical information, breaking laws, abusing patients, covering up massive negligence including fatalities and the list is endless.

All incompetence is covered-up with further corrupted and illegal acts, along with further abuses, neglect, intentional harm to the victims.Falsified and altered reports, assessments, consults, tests, labs, medical documents is HUGE!  So much so, it is now the NORM at PEI Health!

Some that are involved: (There are a great many more, but for starters, here are some)

  • Dr. Heather Keizer
  • Dr. Nicole Drost
  • Dr. Brad Brandon -presently before the PEI Board of Physicians and Surgeons for covering up the same old EMS  illegally, giving females VERSED, only this time they overdosed a female – her prognosis is death due to the further damages that were caused by an incompetent EMS EMT when he overdosed her with VERSED.
  • Then covered up by QEH, Doctors, Radiologists that had their reports altered by doctors-refused to respond; Gailyne MacPherson is well aware of the corrupted diagnostic tests; They have been altered so many times it is outrageous. FRAUD!  Known FRAUD!
  • Dr. Thor Christensen
  • Dr. Pat Bergin
  • Dr. John Dickman
  • Dr. Monica McNeill
  • Dr. Nicole Murphy
  • Dr. Harminder Dhillon
  • Dr. Barbara M. Ross – a new hire for her corrupted, illegal abusive acts
  • Dr. Abayomi Onikoyi-Deckon
  • Dr. Andre Celliers
  •  Dr. Jason Chan

Social Workers such as

  • Maxine Barbour

Radiologists who have been formally requested to validate their reports many times and have refused to respond , even when knowing that the CT images do NOT correlate with their written reports:

  • Melanie McQuaid RAD
  • Colin Foley RAD
  • Douglas Neilson , RAD

Diagnostic Imaging at both PCH and QEH

  • Aware, allow the alterations and assist with cover-ups

PEI EMS   – illegal acts, causing bodily harm and even fatalities ; corruption, illegal acts, abuses, harm to patients and perversion all protected by Health PEI

  • Sullivan, R.N.
  • QEH ER and Administrators cover up abuses and fatalities
  • Health PEI is on board with all corruption and cover-ups

PEI Health Board

  • Rosemary Herbert

QEH and PCH administrators such as:

  • Jamie MacDonald
  • Arlene Gallant-Bernard
  • Dr. Andre Celliers

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