PEI Health, Physicians, and EMS is sick with Corrupted, Incompetent Fraudsters

PEI Health and Wellness is Sick with Corrupted Deviants called PEI Physicians. Abuses, illegal acts, abuses causing psychological trauma and acts causing bodily injury are acceptable practice on PEI.

PEI Health and Wellness is Sick with Corruption and Incompetent, Unethical Abusers called Physicians on PEI

If one wants to access health care, then one cannot access something that is non-existent.  No health care on PEI.  However, there is massive abuses, illegal acts, health care fraud, incompetence, and pay offs for those who participate in illegal and horrendous acts against patients, all in the name of PEI Health and Wellness, Health care.

PEI EMS, Island EMS, uses controlled drugs on patients, such as Versed, without doctors’ orders and against protocol to be perverts or killers as they have overdosed one threatened female and her ongoing lung collapsing and cardiac destruction has resulted in a prognosis of : no cure, death.  The EMS could not and did not even identify that an unconscious female, hooked to a monitor that tells them the cardiac rhythms, did not know she was in distress and then an arrest.  Not knowing how to handle such an emergency ended in devastation for this dying female.  The incompetent EMT caused cysts to be put in her lungs when he placed an airway incorrectly and caused cardiac damage due to her being in a cardiac distress and arrest for so long without any action taken on the part of the so called emergency services people.  Guess this predator was snoozing during all the EMT classes at Holland college.  Not surprising, they accept anyone and graduate anyone.  They always can be hired on at some PEI government place.

So for Newcomers, a warning if you should want or need to access health care on PEI.  It is corrupted and filled with incompetent abusers.  Payoffs are big for those who will cover up crimes and negligence.

There is no greater menace to society than doctors who lack morals and ethics.  There is nothing more dangerous than a diagnostic test, lab results, or consult/assessment that has been altered or falsified to cover up negligence and/or death. Doctors have been accessing reports, labs, files, and altering, deleting and re-writing the medical records.  Falsifying records is harmful to patients but is also illegal.

The abuses and illegal acts that patients endure has been horrendous and inhumane.

PEI Health’s corrupted practices are deadly at best and harmful at the least.

PEI doctors have harmed and knowingly caused severe injury, both physical and psychological; have refused patients their rights, human rights, dignity, …. inhumane brutality is rewarded on PEI.  Shocking that so many are so corrupted.  Frightening that so many are quick to cover up massive abuses with further abuses and violations against abused patients.

Females have been threatened and bullied, with threats of bodily harm and death documented and acknowledged.  Threats on one female were followed through then a horrendous cover up by well paid off doctors, including Dr. Heather Keizer.  Further illegal acts and abuses to this female followed.  The female was overdosed with a prognosis of ongoing lung and cardiac failure, no cure: death.

Access PEI Health and Wellness services, including EMS, at your own risk

Fraud, falsifying records, making up assessments, adding false medical information, breaking laws, abusing patients, covering up massive negligence including fatalities and the list is endless.

All incompetence is covered-up with further corrupted and illegal acts, along with further abuses, neglect, intentional harm to the victims.Falsified and altered reports, assessments, consults, tests, labs, medical documents is HUGE!  So much so, it is now the NORM at PEI Health!

Some that are involved: (There are a great many more, but for starters, here are some)

  • Dr. Heather Keizer
  • Dr. Nicole Drost
  • Dr. Brad Brandon -presently before the PEI Board of Physicians and Surgeons for covering up the same old EMS giving females VERSED, ILLEGALLY,  only this time they overdosed a female – her prognosis is death due to the further damages that were caused by an incompetent EMS EMT when he overdosed her with VERSED. But, did a physical on an unconscious female who he overdosed and did not notice she was in respiratory cardiac failure then arrested.   Also, had time to restrain, ILLEGALLY an unconscious female he overdosed.  But, restraining females who they give Versed to is a common known practice and covered up at Health PEI, by Sullivan, R.N. and QEH ER corrupted hoodlums called PEI doctors.
  • Dr. Thor Christensen
  • Dr. Pat Bergin
  • Dr. John Dickman
  • Dr. Monica McNeill
  • Dr. Nicole Murphy
  • Dr. Harminder Dhillon
  • Dr. Barbara M. Ross – a new hire for her corrupted, illegal abusive acts
  • Dr. Abayomi Onikoyi-Deckon
  • Dr. Andre Celliers
  •  Dr. Jason Chan

Social Workers such as

  • Maxine Barbour

Radiologists who have been formally requested to validate their reports many times and have refused to respond , even when knowing that the CT images do NOT correlate with their written reports:

  • Melanie McQuaid RAD
  • Colin Foley RAD
  • Douglas Neilson , RAD

Diagnostic Imaging at both PCH and QEH

  • Aware, allow the alterations and assist with cover-ups
  • Gailyne MacPherson

PEI EMS   – illegal acts, causing bodily harm and even fatalities ; corruption, illegal acts, abuses, harm to patients and perversion all protected by Health PEI

  • Sullivan, R.N.
  • QEH ER and Administrators cover up abuses and fatalities
  • Health PEI is on board with all corruption and cover-ups

PEI Health Board

  • Rosemary Herbert

QEH and PCH administrators such as:

  • Jamie MacDonald
  • Arlene Gallant-Bernard
  • Dr. Andre Celliers

Canadian Mental Health Association, Prince Edward Island

  • Reid Burke, Executive Director – Your silence is compliance regarding the abuses and illegal acts done by your friends.  Resign if you are in a conflict to protect the illegal acts and abuses that your friends do and abiding by the laws in which you are suppose to uphold, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association.  Your hypocrisy is sickening, Mr. Burke.  Maybe you should choose better friends, or resign.

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