PEI Doctor Paid Off to Cover Up Illegal Acts and Threats followed through on Bullied Female


Heather Keizer, P.E.I  A disgraced doctor who abuses, traumatizes, and cover-ups illegal acts; participates and falsifies, alters legal documents to cover up ilegal acts, an alleged murdered victim.  She is a bully who traumatizes her patients.  She is a liar.  She will be held accountable.  She has destroyed an abused female, her family, the death threats were followed through, and made off with millions in pay offs doing illegal acts.  There is a special place in hell for psychopaths, psychiatrists like this.  But in the meantime, prison is a safe place to keep this big fat corrupted menace out of society to keep civilized people safe.  Hypocrite at the very least, psychopathic psychiatrist at best.  Inhumanity, corruption, incompetence rules.


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