PEI Medical Society of Corruption


PEI Health and Wellness is Corrupted with Massive cover-ups, Incompetence and illegal acts. 

  • Dangerous to all patients. 

Medical records are being falsified, including diagnostic tests.  Incompetence is blatant and covered up with further abuses and appropriate health care for those victims.

Covering up PEI EMS incompetence and overdosing patients on Versed with deadly consequences is common practice. 

Abusing patients, lying, making up fraud assessments, promoting and covering up alleged negligence, abuses, incompetence  is common practice that is well rewarded.

Such corruption is promoted and rewarded by PEI Health and Wellness .

Patients’ records, medical assessments, tests, diagnostic tests are not valid.  Fabrication, modifying and accessing medical records by those not even involved with the patient’s health care is a common occurrence.

If a patient complains or makes complaints, they are further exposed to the abusive bullying tactics with threats, slanderous and degrading rants of doctors, specialists and others.

Administrators have refused to respond to the multiple formal complaints  made against those doctors, specialists and other health care workers who have disregarded all laws, rights of patients; remain silent on complaints of abuses that patients have had to endure in the name of health care,  and the massive fraud that their health care providers are involved in.

Silence has its rewards for the corrupted but damaging consequences for the abused patients.


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