PEI Health Minister, now PEI Education, Connected to Massive Police and Health Corruption


Note- Doug Currie was quickly given his Education post back in January 2016 when his corrupted department was to be exposed.

Doug Currie’s brother works at the Charlottetown Police Department, where MacLaughlan had bragged he had the department in “his pocket” due to the connection with Currie and his brother.  MacLaughlan’s bragging turned out very true when others tried to report criminal acts without any success ,  criminal acts from UPEI .

Currie’s brother is close and has close ties with the corrupt Chief of the Summerside Police Department.  The Summerside Police Dept arrested a whistleblower, without any forms, arrest papers, NOTHING- all illegal- in October 2015, when it was learned she was leaving Island to access help to expose massive corruption and abuses in Health PEI, including doctors, specialists, administrators etc.  20 miles from bridge, she was illegally arrested, -NO RIGHTS PERMITTED!

PEI Health and Wellness is Infested with corruption, including fraud, negligence, illegal cover-ups, altering and falsifying medical records, tests, lab results, assessments, diagnostic tests.

One victim of this massive abuse and corruption had evidence and it was known that she was leaving PEI to access off island help to expose and try to make official complaints with a protection of an offisland lawyer.  PEI Premier is also the self-appointed Attorney General.  When she tried to access all supposed available officials and offices to report the massive corruption and abuses, she was ignored, the offices, and officials refused to respond and so on.

When it was learned she was leaving PEI to expose massive illegal acts in Currie’s department, PEI Health and Wellness, along with the Premier and self appointed attorney general, she was illegally arrested by Summerside Police who refused to show any arrest papers, refused her all rights – all illegal acts.

The victim endured further abuses and harm as a result, but did get additional evidence to show and further validate her complaints.  Currie’s brother runs the Charlottetown police and the Premier bragged openly that he ran the police departments.  Currie’s  brother is, of course, close friends to Poirier , the chief of police in Summerside, PEI.  The victim was arrested by the Summerside Police , just 20 miles from the bridge.  -go figure

Massive corrupted and illegal acts

Access PEI Health and Wellness services, including EMS, at your own risk

All incompetence is covered-up with further corrupted and illegal acts, along with further abuses, neglect, intentional harm to the victims.Falsified and altered reports, assessments, consults, tests, labs, medical documents is HUGE!  So much so, it is now the NORM at PEI Health!

Some that are involved:

  • Dr. Heather Keizer
  • Dr. Nicole Drost
  • Dr. Brad Brandon -before the PEI Board of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Dr. Thor Christensen
  • Dr. Pat Bergins
  • Dr. John Dickman
  • Dr. Monica McNeill
  • Dr. Harminder Dhillon
  • Dr. Barbara M. Ross – a new hire for her corrupted, illegal abusive acts (Oct-Nov 2015)
  • Dr. Abayomi Onikoyi-Deckon
  • Dr. N Murphy
  • Dr. Andre Celliers
  •  Dr.Jason Chan

Social Workers such as

  • Maxine Barbour

Radiologists who have been formally requested to validate their reports many times and have refused to respond , even when knowing that the CT images do NOT correlate with their written reports:

  • Melanie McQuaid RAD
  • Colin Foley RAD
  • Douglas Neilson , RAD

PEI EMS   – illegal acts, causing bodily harm and even fatalities ; corruption, illegal acts, abuses, harm to patients and perversion all protected by Health PEI

  • James Sullivan, R.N.
  • PEI Health

PEI Health Board

  • Rosemary Herbert

QEH and PCH administrators such as:

  • Jamie MacDonald
  • Dr. Andre Celliers

Corrupt Summerside Police Department, Summerside PEI.  Chief of Police of the Summerside Police is Poirier.  

  • Chief of Police, Poirier , Summerside PEI, Canada
  • Charlottetown Police Department

Until this corruption is stopped, via exposure , from outside and off island officials, news, bloggers, … as the ones running it are corrupted and there is NO accountability for any of the corruption to be exposed.  To expose this massive corruption and horrific abuses to patients, victims have been trying to access off island resources.  The silencing tactics of the corrupted Health PEI and officials have been illegal and caused further harm in their illegal acts to silence anyone with evidence.


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