PEI Health Care Infested with Incompetence, Illegal Acts and Cover ups

PEI Health and Wellness Board Continues to REFUSE to  Respond to the many formal complaints regarding illegal acts , harm and abuses to patients, incompetence, the assive corruption and illegal acts  that prevents Islanders from accessing safe and adequate health care.  Talking about health would include how to change the present corrupted dysfunction  that has infested the entire health care system, run by Health PEI.  The abuses and incompetence has  been unhealthy and deadly for some.

PEI Health and Wellness Infested with Corruption, Fraud, Incompetence

Access Prince Edward Island Health and Wellness at your own risk.

PEI Health, including PEI EMS, – IEMS – is plagued with incompetence, illegal and unethical acts including but not excluding fraud, falsifying medical records, altering medical records, tests, reports, lying to off island doctors and specialists, preventing abused and harmed victims of this corrupted health care system from accessing and/or providing adequate health care to prevent exposing the damages, harm and even ongoing fatalities that have resulted.

Massive corrupted cover-ups have included many in administration, doctors, social workers, health care workers, specialists, radiologists… the list is endless.  Millions from health care funding has been used to pay off these (un)professionals and provide lawyers to try to protect them from being reported, and/or exposed.  This has resulted in further psychological and physical harm to the victims who have been harmed, injured, and some who have been given a prognosis of death as a result.

If Healthy moving to PEI, you will NOT get off this island alive or well.


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