PEI EMS Corruption Promoted by PEI Health


PEI EMS , Prince Edward Island, Canada  gave an overdose of Versed, without orders, against protocol to a female who had been threatened and these threats were reported and documented by professionals, police, doctors, Dr. Heather Keizer, lawyer, and many others.  Yet, no one would stop the threats from being followed through as there were pay offs and/or silent bystanders due to repercussions of speaking out against abuses and corrupted, illegal acts on PEI.

The former UPEI President, is now and was acting Premier in October 2014 when the patient was brought to QEH ER unconscious, where the overdose caused cardiac and respiratory arrest.  Her heart sustained massive damage with ongoing damage and her lungs have ongoing collapsing due to the consequences of the incompetent EMT putting an airway in and taken out incorrectly that had puts cyssts in her lungs.  Her prognosis is death.  She has also endured further abuses and harm, massive illegal acts against her due to the corrupted cover-up that followed.

Dr. Keizer who went to her former boss, now acting Premier to verify the threats, she documented, in 2013 were followed through on.  The new acting Premier and Minister of Health gave Keizer promotions and over a million a year in salary.  The salary was recently raised in the PEI Legislature by Bevan Baker but he was suddenly silent when the Premier awarded him a clinic and other benefits.

The psychiatrist with the million dollar salary is Dr. Heather Keizer. In December 2014, she was given huge promotion by acting Premier Wade (her for boss at UPEI) and former Education Minister, then acting Health Minister.

In addition to the pay INCREASE she became Head of Psychiatry for Health PEI and Head of Unit 9 – QEH. WHY? She also had a hidden duty, as part of her huge million dollar salary and titles.

To control, destroy, alter all medical records of a patient who was overdosed on Versed and Haldol by EMS on October 28, 2014. The patient went into cardiac arrest (due to this overdose- Versed is against protocol and did not have dr’s order) and the EMS -incompetent- inserted an airway and took out the airway incorrectly which put cysts in the patient’s lungs. Dr. Keizer was and still is covering up this fatal overdose by EMS. The patient has ongoing cardiac destruction with her lungs collapsing – she has been given a prognosis of death. Nothing can be done to stop the cardiac and collapsing of her lungs.

Dr. Keizer has brought others into this cover-up, including specialists, doctors and other health care workers.

They were all caught by a specialist in Halifax. PEI Health still is altering, deleting the diagnostic tests, medical records, re-routing them, re-writing falsified documents to no avail. “worrisome” eh Drost? And if one wants to alter a Chest X-ray they should not forget to write X-ray after Chest, eh Keizer? so sad how the medical (legal) records have been altered. According to a specialist off island, even an intern could tell the medical records were altered. Of course, NO RADIOLOGIST at Health PEI will verify any of their records, afterall they have been altered so incompetently.

Probably why Currie was quickly shuffled out of the Minister of Health portfolio in January 2016 as he was part of all of this corruption.

It seems that this patient had been a student at UPEI. She had made complaints against the corruption and harassment she endured, including a biased, corrupt human rights mediated process. Dr. Keizer was aware of this student’s problems with UPEI and the threats that they had made, which Keizer had documented in May 2013. The threats came true in October 2014 with the overdose and slow death of this student. After Keizer had confirmed the threats, she was suddenly given the huge promotions and pay increase with the additional duty to control the entire medical records of this person from EMS admission to QEH – ongoing.

Murphy and Peter Ghiz were caught by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education STLHE, in March 2013, forging apology letters from the student/patient to STLHE. A professor in the education department at UPEI had been given an award in 2011. This professor had been named on the human rights complaint. STLHE had been investigating the complaints against the prof. UPEI, Murray ‘the Hatchet’Murphy as the hack lawyer and other officials at UPEI were claiming the student was insane, violent, had a history of arrests and mental hospitalizations.

STLHE requested an apology from the student. UPEI and Murphy had promised them an apology letter as soon as the student was let out of mental hospital (she had been in human rights mediation ). Then Peter Ghiz- the student’s lawyer and Murphy – UPEI lawyer, forged apology letters and sent them to STLHE.

UPEI had got caught lying to STLHE since 2011. in April 2013, when the forged letters were caught by the student and she requested that STLHE stop circulating them – sending evidence of how the apology letters were written from different computers – one on Ghiz’s computer while the other was written on Murphy’s computer- different font and size of print yet the signature was identical on both letters.

All hell broke loose at UPEI. The VP of grad studies was fired, (Jr. took over his role as his position was being sponsored by 3M – backs STLHE in May 2013; the Dean of Ed was fired, Murphy was fired, and according to Christian Lacroix: MacLaughlan still ran UPEI and he was “mad as hell” at this student. LaCroix had also stated that STLHE threatened a 300 million dollar lawsuit on UPEI. Murphy and MacLaughlan started to make specific threats of permanent bodily harm/death on this student. Although the specific threats were well documented and reported to police, other lawyers, profs and officials…. pretty much everyone knew of the specific threats… Dr. Keizer even documented them on May 13, 2013.

After she acknowledged the threats to another doctor in 2014, she went to MacLaughlan regarding the following through on the threats. That is when the new acting Premier gave Dr. Keizer the million dollar salary with 2 big promotions… and the dirty, illegal job of controlling and altering, destroying the medical (legal) documents of this female from EMS overdose that put her into cardiac/respiratory arrest (Oct 28, 2014- ongoing)

Go to UPEI… get harassed, mobbed and if you hold them accountable they will follow through on threats …. a slow death of a failing fatal heart and lung condition, compliments of the incompetent EMS service and Health PEI. … paid for by the taxpayers of PEI. Everyone involved has been given huge pay-offs to cover this up. All the money for health care – that is why we don’t have adequate health care on PEI.


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