Health PEI: Philosophy on Hiring Philosopher

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Michael Mayne, Doctorate, “Dr.” of Philosophy has been the latest chosen one to now babble and annoy a new government department, Ill-Health and Un-wellness PEI.    Good news for those employed in  his previous government department; but, bad news for any hope or expectation of any form of acceptable and/or adequate health care on Prince Edward Island, Canada.  


Health PEI is plagued with massive corruption and incompetence.

There have been ongoing allegations of the well-known practice of falsifying medical records, incompetence, questionable health care “un-professionals”, and corrupted cover-ups regarding alleged medical malpractice, negligence causing abuses, bodily and psychological harm as well as death.  Many are involved, including doctors, specialists, administrators, radiologists, social workers including both PCH and QEH.

He started his term with hiring corrupted players on PEI.  One is Rosemary Herbert, who is in violation of a human rights contract, where she and UPEI Lawyer brought a student into an abusive and corrupted human rights mediated process only to refuse to comply to the contract they signed which perpetrated the harassment and abuses the student endured. It also included threats that were made to the student which were well documented and apparently were followed through on.  Not looking good to have this on one’s resume, when hired on,  as one of the 4 new PEI Health Board members,  by this Philosopher of Hypocrisy.  Herbert’s boss at UPEI was MacLaughlan who rewarded Herbert a Dean of Nursing position for her abusive role in abusing female students at human rights mediations.

Not surprising she continues to be rewarded for behavior that would have charges laid against one, in other provinces.  PEI is totally corrupted.  The Premier, former UPEI president is also the self-appointed Attorney General.


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