Health PEI: Corruption, Lies, Fraud, Incompetence, Abuses


PEI Health and Wellness is plagued with massive corruption.  

MANY Doctors, Specialists, Administrators, and others involved in falsifying records to cover up massive incompetence, mistakes, health care abuses, damages and even death for some patients.  NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the incompetence and abuses.

Doctors, Specialists, Administrators LYING and covering up the massive abuses and corruption in other unethical and illegal ways

Patients are being abused, mistreated, improper health care, no health care, and the medical mistakes are being covered up in a massive scam that involves many doctors, specialists, administrators and others.

The patients are being abused as well as their families.  When you cause devastating harm to a patient, it has a ripple effect into their entire family.

Several doctors, specialists, a social worker have a history of abusing and causing massive devastation to several patients and their families, in another corrupted attempt to hide, cover-up massive incompetence, alleged medical malpractice and negligence causing death for 1 patient.

Patients, Family members, other doctors and specialists being lied to causing massive abuses and destruction of patients and their entire families.

Health PEI, doctors, specialists and all those involved in all the massive corruption, abuses and incompetent care of patients along with the corrupted and illegal acts in their cover-ups NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Shockingly, there are MANY involved on PEI, Canada.


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