Health PEI Destroys Health Care System

Health PEI Destroyed in Massive Corrupted Cover-ups

Health PEI Destroyed in Massive Corrupted Cover-ups

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How many millions did it cost the taxpayers to destroy an entire health care system?
Who is involved in the unethical and illegal acts?
Who is involved in falsifying medical records? Why?
Who is involved in lying to other doctors, patients, families? Why?
How many medical records have been altered? Why? Who is involved? How many know about this?
What is being covered-up at Health PEI regarding the abuses of patients?
What is being covered-up regarding the violation of patients’ rights? Violations of laws?
How many patients have been harmed?
How many doctors are involved? Specialists? Administrators? Health Care workers?
Who is aware of all the corruption, cover-ups, harm of patients?
How many patients are dying as a result?
Will all those involved be held accountable for their illegal acts that are covered under both the civil and criminal codes?


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