#PEI, “PEI Advisory Council on the status of women” Silence Gives Support for Illegal and Criminal Acts Against Women at #UPEI, “University of PEI” and “PEI Human Rights Commission”: Protected by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” so says #UPEI

"PEI Advisory Council on the Status of women" Silent as "PEI Premier Robert Ghiz" Promotes Corrupted Collusion between "University of PEI" and "PEI human rights commission"

“PEI Advisory Council on the Status of women” Silent as “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” Promotes Corrupted Collusion between “University of PEI” and “PEI human rights commission”

#PEI, “PEI Advisory council on the status of women”, silence gives consent for the increased abuses and illegal acts at “University of Prince Edward Island”. “University of PEI” claims their illegal acts, even criminal acts, are protected by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz’

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#PEI advisory councils , including the “Prince Edward Island Advisory Council on the Status of women” are chosen by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and are a farce. If anything, they are harmful as it appears there are legitimate processes in an oppressive and totally corrupted province. The “PEI Advisory council on the status of women” and “PEI women’s equality” and all representatives are well aware of the blatant denial of “human rights” for women on #PEI and at #UPEI
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The so called “PEI advisory councils” are monkey councils. “UPEI” has made it clear that it will continue to deny females, who were abused at UPEI, basic human rights; will deny them ACCESS TO PUBLIC FUNDED, “Canadian Taxpayers” funded, #UPEI

#UPEI #PEI #Ghiz #Canada #women #rights #discrimination #harassment #humanrights #humanrightsviolation Both #UPEI and #PEI officials openly state that female students are DENIED “human rights” on #PEI at #UPEI . Corruption and violations have been reported to every agency available on #PEI . #PEI officials will either block investigations or refuse to respond, regardless of the evidence submitted. These councils are a farce. Likewise, the “PEI Human rights commission” is another government run office that both #UPEI and #PEI officials brag that it is corrupted and run by #UPEI with “PEI Premier Ghiz”‘s approval.

#UPEI officials claim all criminal, illegal acts, and horrific abuses at #UPEI against females will continue, as directed by “UPEI Lawyer” “Murray Murphy”. #UPEI officials also claim that their illegal and criminal acts , corruption, and brutal abuses of female students are being protected, and promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

#UPEI will bring victims into a bad faith “human rights mediation” where victims are threatened and endure corrupted and abusive, violating processes. As soon as a mediated contract is signed, #UPEI will refuse to comply and INCREASE the abuses and violations. #UPEI officials claim that they do not comply with human rights mediated contracts they sign and/or law. Victims will be challenged to sue #UPEI and endure their unethical legal strategy, a well known strategy that has been used when anyone tries to make them comply to laws and human rights laws, the infamous ‘litigation fatigue/financial loss’ strategy. Ironically, this unethical strategy is paid for via “PEI Premier Ghiz” through “Canadian Taxpayers” (transfer payments from the federal government to the provincial government). Thus, Canadian Taxpayers are paying for #UPEI to launch this unethical legal strategy to wear down and financially destroy anyone , who does not have the millions that Ghiz gives to #UPEI , via taxpayers, so #UPEI does NOT have to comply with any laws, including human rights laws.

Murphy challenged one victim, in a corrupted “PEI human rights commission” mediation, claiming that even if she did have the million plus to go through litigation, for an estimated 6-8 years, (of a legal hell) , the human rights and other court systems are corrupted on #PEI , thus, she would not win. With this unethical legal strategy, it also means only the wealthy have access to a legal system. Anyone who does not have the millions backing government run institutions can not make them comply with laws and cannot sue them.


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