#UPEI, “University of PEI” Claims Corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission” Processes Supported by #PEI, “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”

"University of Prince Edward Island" claims "Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz" Supports, Promotes Illegal Acts

“University of Prince Edward Island” claims “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz” Supports, Promotes Illegal Acts

#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island” has a corrupted collusion with the “PEI Human rights commission”. Victims will be brought into bad faith mediation to endure a corrupted and abusive mediation process. The victims will be subjected to corrupted, abusive mediation and post mediation processes. As was threatened, on 1 victim, these corrupted processes were threatened to cause further losses and damages

During “human rights” mediation, #UPEI and “PEI Human Rights commission” will refuse to comply with the “contract to mediate” that all 3 parties signed to mediate. Victims will be legally attacked with bogus laws, when they do not have legal representation, threatened, blackmailed, and brutally harassed , with threats of further illegal and criminal acts, sufferings, and losses.

“UPEI lawyer” claimed that female students “DESERVE to be assaulted, abused, threatened…..DESTROYED”. “UPEI lawyer”, “Murray Murphy” stated, in this “human rights” mediation, that he “and “UPEI” DESTROYS all female victims in order to permanently silence them.” Permanent silencing is done with the unethical and illegal acts of destroying the victims’ personal and professional reputations. This guarantees #UPEI a permanent silencing on their massive corruption and targeting, luring and abuse of female students scam, to prevent the victim, from having any credibility, if she were to expose the massive corruption, fraud, abuses of female students, and horrific corrupted and unethical practices, behind this tainted and fallen “Ivory Tower” of #UPEI.

As soon as the victim signs a mediated contract, with the “University of PEI” ; #UPEI will claim it does not comply with such contracts and/or laws. #UPEI then increases the abuses and violations against the victim. Regardless, the corrupted collusion, allows #UPEI to violate all the rights of the victim. The “PEI Human rights commission” is corrupted and #UPEI officials, “UPEI Registrar” and “UPEI Vice-President Academic” have claimed that the illegal acts and #Harassment, #discrimination, and illegal acts will continue as they have been given ‘immunity’/’protection’ from “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”. “University of Prince Edward Island” administration, representing “UPEI” and “UPEI President” claimed that these illegal acts are being directed by their lawyer, with the approval, support and promotion from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz’.

#UPEI officials claim they are directed to do illegal and criminal acts by their lawyer, “Murray Murphy” which is backed by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

#UPEI officials refused to stop, as they claim that “Prince Edward Island Premier Ghiz” had given them , what they referred to as , ‘immunity/protection’ to do all illegal and criminal acts.

#UPEI officials claim, as well, that the abuses, criminal and illegal acts, corrupted processes, were approved, protected and promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

Those directly involved in the corrupt and bad faith mediation:
1. “UPEI Lawyer”, “Murray Murphy”

2. “Nursing faculty”, “Rosemary Herbert” part of the corrupted and abusive mediation team with Murphy; she assisted Murphy with breaching the contract and banning the victim, the fraud and forged documents post mediation. #Herbert was rewarded for her illegal and #unethical acts with a promotion to “UPEI Dean of Nursing”

3. “Greg Howard” former Head of “PEI Human rights commission” oversaw the corrupted mediation and post mediation processes. When the victim submitted evidence, to the Judicial investigation on corrupted “human rights” processes, showing Howard’s involvement, Howard resigned within hours and left the country within weeks.

4. “Lorraine Buell”, a secretary in the “PEI human rights commission” who was a first time mediator. She acted as a legal mediator with a licence and quoted bogus laws and refused to stop. She was asked to step down, as mediator, several times, by both the victim and her support person, a professor, due to biases, incompetence and acting as a lawyer without a licence; but Buell refused. Calls for her to step down , to Howard, fell on deaf ears.

Illegally blocking complaint and investigation at the “PEI Justice Department” once investigator identifies Criminal acts: cover-ups of 2 lawyers involved

“PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” illegally halted a Justice Department investigation when a lawyer/investigator identified CRIMINAL acts in the victim’s complaints. A criminal act of “FORGERY” was identified and 2 lawyers were connected to the forgeries. one lawyer was “Murray Murphy” the 2nd lawyer has remained unnamed. #Ghiz and #Sherry gave #Murphy a ‘QC Title’ when they were made aware of the criminal acts. #Murphy has remained silent regarding the 2nd “PEI lawyer” involved in forging the documents, with him. The victim claims this 2nd lawyer is related to “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”. #Ghiz and #Sherry also gave this ‘QC title’ to #Murphy while #Sherry publically claimed that #Murphy, #UPEI, and “PEI human rights commission” complaints were still under ACTIVE investigation. Since this announcement, #Sherry, #Ghiz, “Department of Justice”, “PEI Government” have refused to respond to requests for updates on the victim’s formal complaint/investigation.


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