#UPEI, “University of PEI” Claims Illegal Acts Promoted by #PEI, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

"University of PEI" Officials claim illegal acts, refusal to comply with "PEI Human rights commission" mediated contract to increase the abuses on victims is Promoted by "Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz"

“University of PEI” Officials claim illegal acts, refusal to comply with “PEI Human rights commission” mediated contract to increase the abuses on victims is Promoted by “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”

#PEI and #UPEI corruption includes horrific abuses of #UPEI female students, involving illegal and criminal acts, threats, fraud, and corrupted cover-ups.

Both #UPEI and #PEI officials brag of a corrupted “PEI human rights commission”, corrupted judicial system, and will threaten those, who have exposed the #corruption #harassment #discrimination and #abuses of #students, at #UPEI, with “destruction”. This “destruction” has been threatened on 1 victim several times, including threats made to her during a corrupted “PEI Human rights commission” mediation process. The “destruction” includes a permanent silencing of victims, whereby #UPEI and #PEI destroys their personal and academic reputations. A well practiced unethical silencing tactic used by #PEI and #UPEI.

Corrupted Post Mediation

When abused female “students” sign “human rights” mediated contracts with #UPEI , after a bad faith, corrupted “human rights” mediation process; #UPEI officials will claim that they do NOT comply with any “human rights” mediated contracts and/or laws.

#UPEI officials claim their lawyer, “Murray Murphy” is directing the illegal and criminal acts. #UPEI officials also claim that #Murphy’s illegal acts, abuses and other illegal and criminal acts have been approved and are supported, promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

#UPEI officials claim that such illegal and criminal acts will continue, as they claim, what they refer to as, “immunity/protection” from “Premier Robert Ghiz” to participate in such illegal acts.

Formal Complaints Submitted to the PEI Justice Department to Investigate were Illegally Halted by “Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry”
When a Judicial Investigation, showed criminal acts in complaints against “PEI Human rights commission” and “UPEI”; “PEI Premier Ghiz” and Justice Minister, “Janice Sherry” awarded 1 of the involved lawyers, “Murray Murphy”, who was still under active investigation, according to public statements made by “Minister Janice Sherry” with a QC title.

“Murray Murphy”, “UPEI lawyer”, and an unnamed “PEI lawyer” were involved with forging documents, corrupted mediation and post mediation “human rights” processes. Murphy has remained silent, on the 2nd lawyer, who was involved in forging apology letters, from a victim to her abusers. However, a victim, who made formal complaints, to the “PEI Justice Department”, claims the 2nd lawyer is related to “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

Forgeries, by 2 lawyers, were Caught by National Agency when Turnbull and Murphy Submit the Forged Documents

The “forged” documents were caught, by a National agency, when the forgeries were submitted by Murphy and the former “UPEI Dean of Education” . “Turnbull” and “Murphy” submitted the forged apology letters, from the victim to her abusers, to cover up “UPEI”‘s years of lies and scams, to get National awards, for professors, who were named on “human rights” complaints. As a result. of getting caught by this Canadian Agency, the “UPEI Dean of Education” was demoted then resigned. The former dean was hired , at a community college, where “PEI Premier Ghiz ” had attended in Quebec, Canada

UPEI Inhumanely Increases Abuses on the Female Victims, Post Mediation: Directed by #Murphy and Approved, Promoted by #Ghiz, so says #UPEI officials

#UPEI signs mediated contracts with female students, that have been brutally violated and abused at the “University of PEI”,; then, #UPEI claims they don’t comply with such contracts and laws. #UPEI then INCREASES the #harassment , #discrimination, “abuses”, and illegal acts against these victims. #UPEI officials maintain this is directed by “Murray Murphy” while being supported, protected and promoted by “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”

#UPEI has banned public access to these female victims. As such, #UPEI does not qualify, for the millions , it receives, each year, from “Canadian taxpayers” . “Taxpayers” monies, via #Ghiz and federal transfer taxes, to the province, from the federal government. Banning females, due to non-compliance of contracts, is NOT a valid reason to ban public access to a publically funded institution. In fact, it is an illegal reason.

#UPEI officials claim “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz” supports the banning of female victims , who signed mediated contracts with #UPEI. Thus, the illegal banning access to a public funded institution will stay in effect. This banning is to further #discriminate against females and to HUMILATE them, while continuing to destroy their academic and professional reputations. A constant and ongoing threat that has been followed through on since 2010.

#PEI is corrupted to the core. There needs to be an outside inquiry into all the corruption, illegal acts as all processes on #PEI are corrupted. Thus far, #UPEI has refused to co-operate with outside agencies. There needs to be a RCMP investigation due to the alleged criminal acts, by those in high positions, both at the “University of PEI” and the “Prince Edward Island Government”.


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