#PEI, “PEI Human Rights Commission” Corrupted Collusion with #UPEI, “University of PEI” Promoted by #PEI, “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”: “PEI status of women” Silent

"Prince Edward Island Human rights Commission" Corrupted Processes Further Violates Traumatized Female Students:  Females Denied Rights on #PEI, #UPEI

“Prince Edward Island Human rights Commission” Corrupted Processes Further Violates Traumatized Female Students: Females Denied Rights on #PEI, #UPEI

A female victim was threatened, with the specifics, of a corrupted “PEI Human rights commission” collusion with the “University of Prince Edward Island”. The corrupted “collusion” would cause increased abuses, violations, “harassment” and losses to a female victim. The collusion meant corrupted mediation AND post mediation processes. #UPEI claimed the “PEI Human Rights commission” was run by #UPEI and victims would endure corrupted processes. #UPEI also threatened that such corruption was promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”. #UPEI maintained that #UPEI did NOT comply with human rights laws and this unwritten policy was promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

All threats were followed through on. There was a corrupted mediation where the victim endured further violations and abuses during this corrupted process.
The active participants in this corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” were:
1. “UPEI Lawyer”, “Murray Murphy”
2. “UPEI Nursing” faculty, “Rosemary Herbert”
3. “PEI human rights” secretary, acting mediator, for the first time, “Lorraine Buell”. Buell was asked several times, by both the victim and her support person, a professor, to step down due to her incompetence, blatant biases, and acting as a lawyer without a licence and quoting bogus cases and laws. Buell refused. Complaints were submitted to Howard but he refused as well.
4. Former head of human rights, “Greg Howard” (resigned when the victim later submitted evidence showing his involvement in the corrupted processes )

Corrupt Post Mediation Processes: Refusal to Comply with Mediated Contact & Increased Abuses, Illegal acts on Victim

As was threatened, as soon as the victim signed a “PEI human rights commission” mediated contract with #UPEI, “University of PEI” refused to comply. #UPEI then increased the #harassment, #discrimination, #violations, #slander, illegal and criminal acts on the victim. “UPEI” officials have claimed their illegal and criminal acts were directed by “Murray Murphy” and had been approved, supported and promoted by “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”. “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz has interfered with and blocked a formal investigation of these complaints, with the “PEI Justice Department”. The illegal acts, including criminal acts continue on this victim.

Formal Investigation Reveals Criminal Acts; Ghiz and Sherry Respond

A formal complaint was submitted and accepted by the PEI Justice “Minister Janice Sherry”, regarding the #corruption , #fraud , increased “human rights violations”, #discrimination , #harassment and abuses that a female victim endured. Such as, bad faith mediation, corrupted collusion, threats, and corrupted post mediation, including the forged and #fraud documents.

A lawyer/investigator in the “PEI Justice Department” identified criminal acts in the victim’s complaint. These criminal acts were also cc to “PEI Premier Ghiz”. “PEI Justice Minister Sherry” and Education Minister, “Alan MacIsaac” and the 2 law firms where each lawyer worked. Again, the victim requested a halt to the forged documents that UPEI refused to stop circulating. These were forged documents that were deemed a ‘criminal act’ by the “PEI Justice Department” lawyer/investigator.

In response to this information, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” honor “Murray Murphy” with a QC title. Sherry was confronted ,by the victim publically. Sherry , stated publically, that the investigation against “UPEI”, “PEI Human Rights Commission”, “Murray Murphy” and another #PEI lawyer was still under active investigation.

Since this time (Nov 2013), Sherry, Ghiz, all government offices and politicians ,involved , have refused to respond to the victim, and her multitude of requests for updates, on this formal investigation.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” have refused to respond to questions surrounding their awarding Murphy a QC title ,while Sherry proclaimed, publically, that Murphy, #UPEI , and “PEI Human rights commission” formal corruption complaints were still under ‘active investigation’. An active investigation that described the forgeries, written by Murphy and an unnamed lawyer (related to #Ghiz ), as being a criminal act.

The victim claims the identity of the 2nd lawyer, involved in the forgeries, is RELATED to “PEI Premier Ghiz” . Murphy has remained silent regarding the identity of the second lawyer involved with the forged documents.

The forged documents were caught by a National agency when Murphy and former “UPEI Dean of Education” submitted them to cover up years of lies and scams to get professors, who were named on human rights complaints, teaching awards. The former Dean of Education was demoted when the National agency made complaints to #UPEI. The Dean resigned and was hired at the former community college where Ghiz had attended.

#UPEI Claims Illegal Acts Directed by #Murphy; Protected and Promoted by #Ghiz

The “UPEI Registrar” and “VP Academics UPEI” have refused to stop sending forged, and other fraud documents (through the mail) claiming they were being directed to do such illegal acts by “Murray Murphy”.

#UPEI officials have refused to stop the brutal increased abuses, criminal and illegal acts against females, who signed mediated contracts, with the “University of Prince Edward Island”.

#UPEI claimed they have, what they referred to as, ‘immunity’/’protection’ to do illegal, including criminal acts, from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”. As such, #UPEI have refused to stop the illegal and criminal acts.

Corrupted Officials aka Hypocrites are Silent and Refuse to respond to victim’s requests for help
Not only are the “PEI Human rights commission” corrupted hypocrites but other officials, who have jobs that represent the rights of women on “PEI”. For example, the “PEI Advisory Council on the status of women” have remained silent and have refused to respond to the victims pleas for help. Horrid abuses and violations inflicted upon a victim.


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