#UPEI, “University of PEI” Claim Illegal Acts, Abuses on Female Victims Directed by “UPEI Lawyer” with Approval and Promotion from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

#UPEI, "University of PEI" Signs Mediated Contract then Refuses to Comply While Increasing Illegal Acts Against Victims: #UPEI Claims "PEI Premier Robert Ghiz" Promoting the Abuses

#UPEI, “University of PEI” Signs Mediated Contract then Refuses to Comply While Increasing Illegal Acts Against Victims: #UPEI Claims “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” Promoting the Abuses

“UPEI” and PEI’s Explanations to Inquiries Regarding a Female victim’s complaints are ‘Half-truths’ and known deception (lies):

When the “University of Prince Edward Island”, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”, and/or “PEI Government” officials are questioned about the complaints of further abuses, illegal acts, against female victims, and/or breaches, they have, an agreed upon statement, which they will state in response. They state: they have “settled with the victim” and ‘even signed a contract with her”. They make slanderous statements about the victim and her complaints of corruption, breaches, illegal and criminal acts against her. They also downplay all questions with further slandering of the victim. Slanderous statements with lies on why they believe the victim is making complaints of corruption and further illegal, criminal acts against her.

“UPEI” and “PEI”‘s agreed upon statement/response is NOT a complete statement and thus, deceitful and a lie. “UPEI” does sign a mediated contract, but, as was threatened on 1 victim, “UPEI” has no intentions of complying with the contract and will INCREASE the abuses and illegal acts on the victims. They fail to mention that they breach and refuse to comply with contracts they sign, a planned breach before going into bad faith “PEI Human rights commission” mediation.

They also fail to mention that they have increased the illegal, criminal acts and brutal abuses, “harassment” and “discrimination” on the victims. Instead, of complying with the contract, they have refused and maintain an increase in illegal acts against the victim, including fraud and forgeries, criminal harassment, slander, libel, discrimination, banning access to public education, and so on.

Bad Faith, Corrupted and Abusive “PEI Human rights” Mediation

“Murray Murphy”, “PEI Law society” member claims “ALL female victims are DESTOYED” by “UPEI” and himself!
As “Murray Murphy” threatened, as well, on 1 female victim, during a corrupted and abusive mediation, he and “UPEI” will destroy all female victims. A “destruction” of female victims that is promoted by the “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” while abusers and those who participate in the abuses/criminal acts will be rewarded. “Destroying” female victim’s academic and personal reputations, while increasing the “harassment”, “discrimination”, criminal and illegal acts against the victim. “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Human rights commission” brutally abused, threatened, and bullied a victim during a corrupted “PEI Human rights” mediation where both “UPEI” and the “human rights” mediator claimed that their illegal acts and brutal abuses and destruction of all female victims was promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”. The victim was threatened that female victims are “DESTROYED” while the abusers and those who participate in the abuses, illegal and criminal acts against the victims are rewarded. This threat continues to be followed through by PEI Premier, Officials and UPEI.

There is corrupted and bad faith mediation and corrupted post mediation processes, where all rules, policies, and laws are NOT followed. Females are denied #rights and access to fair processes. The “UPEI” mediators for one corrupted “human rights” mediation were: 1. “UPEI lawyer”, “Murray Murphy”, ( a “PEI law society” member) AND 2. “UPEI Nursing” faculty, “Rosemary Herbert” (Herbert was promoted to Dean of Nursing following her role in this corrupted mediation. Herbert continued to refuse to comply with laws and contract to increase the abuses and illegal acts, on the female victim, post mediation).

There was a 1st time “human rights” mediator, Buell, who was blatantly biased and refused to follow any of the rules in the contract to mediate. Buell was asked to step down, due to her incompetence and biases, by both the victim and the victim’s support person, several times. The victim’s support person, a professor, even told Buell to stop practicing law and explained the differences between biased and non-biased, while giving examples of how Buell was biased. Buell refused to stop regardless of both the victim and her support person (a professor) asking and telling Buell that she was breaching the mediation contract, was NOT a lawyer, and examples of her blatant biases. Buell refused to step down. Requests to have Buell removed, with evidence showing unfair and corrupt legal attacks , using bogus laws, on the victim, who did not have a lawyer and brutal abuses and mediation contract breaches, were made to “Greg Howard” who oversaw this corrupted mediation. Howard refused to remove Buell. “Lorraine Buell” is a “human rights” secretary who acted as a lawyer, “Lorraine Buell”.

The victim had to hire lawyers to stop the abusive legal attacks that were being used in this corrupted mediation. One lawyer told, both Herbert and Buell, to STOP practicing law. The victim’s lawyer also told, both Herbert and Buell , to STOP making up laws and incorrectly interpreting the law.

“Greg Howard” who oversaw the corrupted processes,(mediation and post mediation complaints) resigned, within hours, when the victim submitted evidence, showing his involvement, in the corrupted mediation and post mediation “human rights” processes. Regardless of the multitude of requests and even demands, from the victim’s lawyer, for Buell to STOP practicing law; Buell always REFUSED.

UPEI officials Maintain: UPEI Does NOT Comply with the “Human Rights” Mediated Contracts they Sign with Victims and Does NOT comply with Laws; and Does NOT Comply and/or Abide to ANY HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS!

After an abusive and corrupted “PEI human rights mediation”, “UPEI” will sign a mediated contract with the victim. As soon as “UPEI” signs the contract, they will refuse to comply and will breach the contract while they INCREASE the abuses, criminal and illegal acts, against the victim. “UPEI Registrar” and “UPEI Vice-President Academic” (“Kathleen Kielly” and “Christian Lacroix”) claim they are being directed, by “PEI law society” member, “Murray Murphy” to breach contracts, illegally; ban the victim access to public education, produce fraud and forged documents, increase the harassment, slander and abuses on the victim. Illegal and unethical acts. These illegal and unethical acts from UPEI Administration.

“UPEI” Officials Claim they have, what they refer to as, ‘immunity/protection’ to commit brutal abuses, illegal and criminal acts against female victims: Illegal and most INHUMANE acts being ‘protected’ by the “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”
“UPEI officials” claim they will continue to do, known illegal and criminal acts, against the victim, as they have been given ‘immunity’/’protection’ from “PEI Premier Ghiz” who promotes and supports their illegal actions and abuses on female victims. UPEI claims that “PEI Premier Ghiz” promotes all illegal acts, further abuses, against the female victims who were abused at “UPEI”. UPEI claims they are being directed to do such illegal acts by “Murray Murphy” with “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”‘s approval, protection and promotion.


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