#UPEI, “University of PEI”, Former “UPEI President” Claimed Obstruction of a Police Investigation and Other Illegal Acts Would be Hidden in Gag Clauses: “UPEI” Claims “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” Promoted Cover-ups and Illegal Acts

"University of PEI" Obstructs a police investigation to prevent charges being laid against a "UPEI Education" professor.  Former "UPEI President" , "UPEI", "Murray Murphy" "PEI human rights commission" claim all illegal and criminal acts will be cover-up in gag clauses.  UPEI Claims illegal acts and cover-ups approved and promoted by "PEI Premier Ghiz"

“University of PEI” Obstructs a police investigation to prevent charges being laid against a “UPEI Education” professor. Former “UPEI President” , “UPEI”, “Murray Murphy” “PEI human rights commission” claim all illegal and criminal acts will be cover-up in gag clauses. UPEI Claims illegal acts and cover-ups approved and promoted by “PEI Premier Ghiz”

Obstruction of a police investigation is a criminal offense :
When the threats, made on a female victim ,continued to be followed through; the victim went to the police and made a complaint. The police investigated and were going to press charges, against her former advisor. When her advisor was informed of this charge, #UPEI , “UPEI Education Department”, “UPEI Administrators” and “PEI Government officials”, “Murray Murphy” (UPEI Lawyer) decided to interfere in the investigation. #UPEI officials, administration and #UPEI education professors knowingly made false statements and presented false documents, to the police, to prevent the “UPEI Education” professor , from being charged.

During a meeting, with the former #UPEI President, the “UPEI President” demanded that the victim sign gag clauses, to hide this obstruction. The “UPEI fair treatment advocate ” (who is supposed to prevent harassment and assaults against students on campus) was present, while the President threatened illegal acts, on the female student. The victim was informed that the “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” was kept updated, by the former PEI Minister of Education, “Minister Doug Currie”. She was informed that “PEI Premier Ghiz” approved and promoted the cover-ups of illegal and criminal acts that occurred at “UPEI” against female students.

The “UPEI President” stated assaults and rape were a “personal matter, between 2 people”…a “relationship problem” and “should never have charges laid against such acts”. When the victim stated that assaults and rapes were against the law, the “UPEI President” stated that he and UPEI did NOT follow any laws.

Refusals to sign gag clauses covering up illegal and criminal acts led to false accusations and further violations against the female victim:
The victim refused to sign the gag clauses, which covered up the luring of females scam , massive corruption, and the obstruction of justice, on behalf of UPEI and PEI officials. Upon leaving the meeting, the “UPEI president” stated she was making a big mistake and she would be expelled.

The “UPEI President” also stated that he and #UPEI ran the “PEI Human rights commission” and told the victim , the corrupted harm that would happen to her, if she were to proceed to place her complaints with “PEI Human rights commission” and refuse to sign the “UPEI President’s” gag clauses.

Several hours later, the victim received an email from the “UPEI President”, stating that he was expelling her. The “UPEI President” accused the victim of leaving the meeting and going to the “UPEI education department” and attacking the “UPEI assistant dean, Turnbull”. (This was a bold lie. However, her advisor had threatened bogus charges, would be made on her, like they were made on other victims; and, as such, the victim never left her place, without a witness present.)

The victim responded, stating that she had been threatened, by her former advisor, that she would be falsely accused, and, as such, never travelled alone. The professor, who had observed threats being followed through, on her, was her ‘witness’. (This professor had attended the meeting with her.) The victim informed the President that she and the professor, who attended the meeting as well, left the meeting and went to the parking lot and left the university together. The victim stated she had never been in the Education department , since her advisor destroyed her thesis, with 2 head professors watching on. A threat that he claimed he would do, regardless of who was observing. A threat that her advisor followed through on while 2 high ranking profs watched (Turnbull and a UPEI professor who reported this to the highest authorities at UPEI). The victim requested that the “UPEI president” stop falsely accusing her and to stop following through on threats, that her former advisor had made , when she was held against her will.

2nd attempt, by the former “UPEI President” to slander victim off campus
The following day, the victim received a 2nd email from the “UPEI President” . This time, the “UPEI President” had deemed her “mentally insane” and was putting her out on a mental health leave for 6 months, whereby, he required her to seek psychiatric help and have a note stating she was mentally well to return to UPEI, after the 6 months of receiving treatment was up.

The victim responded to the “UPEI president” , to inform him, that his medical diagnosis was bogus, as he did not have the credentials to make such a diagnosis. The victim informed the “UPEI President” that if he insisted on going this route; then, she would report him to the PEI medical society, for practicing medicine without a licence. The victim requested that the UPEI president not make contact with her anymore. These emails were cc to “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Doug Currie”, the “PEI Education” Minister at the time.

Regardless, the “UPEI President” and UPEI ruthlessly bullied and brutally slandered the victim off campus and into hiding. A cruel injustice to a victim suffering from PTSD, from the trauma she endured, by being traumatized by the “UPEI Professor” who held her against her will and UPEI permitted him to follow through on the threats made to her. The “UPEI President” promoted the advisor/abuser to a position in the “UPEI senate”. The PEI government has lavished this professor with a multitude of grants.

6 months later,
During the corrupted “PEI Human rights mediation”, UPEI Lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, Rosemary Herbert, (UPEI Nursing), “PEI Human rights commission” (Lorraine Buell and Greg Howard overseeing this corrupted mediation) stated that the obstruction would be hidden in gag clauses. The “PEI government” were aware, again, of the obstruction, and other illegal and criminal acts, when the victim made complaints to the “PEI Justice Department” regarding the corrupted mediation and post mediation processes.

While “Prince Edward Island” “Minister Sherry” publically claimed, that the “PEI human rights commission”, “Murray Murphy”, an unnamed lawyer, and “UPEI” were still under active investigation, which included the forgeries, written by Murphy and another lawyer; the “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Sherry” honored “Murray Murphy” with a QC title. Murphy has been silent on the name, of the lawyer , who was involved in the production and circulation of the forged documents with Murphy. The victim claims the ‘unnamed lawyer’ is a relative of “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

Forgeries and obstruction are criminal acts
Both forgeries, which was identified as a criminal act , by a Justice lawyer/investigator, as well as, obstruction of justice are both criminal acts. There are alleged breaches of trust and office (Ghiz, Sherry, Currie, MacIsaac) as well as the “PEI human rights commission” officials and some UPEI officials.


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