“PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” , “PEI” and “UPEI”‘s , “University of PEI” Denying Females Human Rights Clashes with “Justin Trudeau’s” “Liberal Party of Canada’s” Stance on Rights for Females

"Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz" Cover-ups of Corruption, Illegal acts and Promotion of Abuses of female students at #UPEI, "University of Prince Edward Island"

“Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz” Cover-ups of Corruption, Illegal acts and Promotion of Abuses of female students at #UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island”

“Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”, “University of Prince Edward Island”, “PEI Government” officials and the corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” promote the abuses of female students where victims will be “destroyed” and abusers, those who assisted in corrupted processes and brutal, illegal acts on abused females, will be REWARDED. PEI denies female students basic “human rights” and access to fair processes. worse yet, abused female students will be subjected to increased violations, abuses, brutality, illegal and criminal acts that are aimed at the “destruction” of the abused female students.

Some of the corruption and illegal acts:

1. “PEI Human Rights Commission” Totally Corrupted “UPEI” brings abused female students into bad faith mediation where both the mediation and post mediation processes are corrupted.

2. Lies and Fraud to Obstruct a Police Investigation: UPEI Obstructed a police investigation, when a female victim made complaints to the police, against a “UPEI Education” professor.

3. Subsequent illegal acts to cover up the obstruction: The previous “UPEI President”, “Murray Murphy”, “Rosemary Herbert”, (“UPEI Nursing” Dean), “PEI Human rights commission stated that the obstruction and all criminal acts are hidden in gag clauses.

4. Breaches and Non-Compliance to mediated contracts and laws. “UPEI” officials claim they are being directed to break laws, by their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”. UPEI claims they are being protected by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” to do the illegal acts, as directed by “Murray Murphy”.

5. Forgery and fraud documents produced, circulated and submitted by “UPEI”. Although forged documents were caught being submitted to a National agency, by former “UPEI Dean of education” to cover up lies and scams, on the National agency; “UPEI officials (“UPEI Registrar” and “UPEI Vice President Academic”) have refused to stop. UPEI officials claim they are being directed to do this criminal act by their “UPEI Lawyer”, “Murray Murphy” with protection and a promotion to do such illegal acts, from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

6. Illegally Banning female victims, who sign mediated contracts with “UPEI”, access to this public funded institution: As soon as UPEI signs a mediated contract with an abused female victim, they will refuse to comply with the contract and/or laws. UPEI will increase the abuses and illegal acts on the victim, including an illegal banning of the female to public funded, “UPEI”.

7. “Premier Robert Ghiz”, “PEI Government” were aware that “UPEI” had denied a female access to UPEI. Yet PEI transferred Millions, from “Canadian taxpayers” monies, via transfer payments, to “UPEI” UPEI denying females access disqualifies UPEI as a “PUBLIC” institution and therefore, is disqualified to be funded with any taxpayers monies.

“PEI” does NOT qualify for the Millions it has received from “Canadian taxpayers”, via transfer payments, as it denies public access to females who sign mediated contracts with them. UPEI’s claim that they can breach contracts and not follow laws is NOT a valid reason to prevent females access to public education that is funded by the Canadian taxpayers. Thus, “University of Prince Edward Island” did NOT qualify to accept the Millions from “Canadian Taxpayers” via transfer payments from “PEI Premier Ghiz”. “PEI Premier Ghiz” was also aware that “UPEI” did NOT qualify for the millions he gave them.

8. Formal Investigation Causes Howard to Resign (April, 2013) But is Mysteriously Halted/Derailed Without Explanation, by Ghiz and , when a Justice Lawyer/Investigator Identifies Criminal Acts in the Victim’s Complaints: Lawyers Identified with the Criminal Act of Forgery Causing More Illegal Acts and Cover-ups

A formal complaint was submitted and accepted by the PEI Justice “Minister Janice Sherry”, who oversees the “PEI human rights commission”, regarding the #corruption , #fraud , increased “human rights violations”, #discrimination , #harassment and abuses that a female victim endured during a corrupted “PEI Human rights” mediation and post mediation processes.

A lawyer/investigator in the Justice Department identified criminal acts in the victim’s complaint. These criminal acts were also cc to “PEI Premier Ghiz”. “PEI Justice Minister Sherry” and Education Minister, “Alan MacIsaac” and the 2 law firms where each lawyer worked.

In response to this information, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” honor “Murray Murphy” with a QC title. Sherry was confronted ,by the victim, in public. Sherry stated publically, that the investigation against UPEI, PEI Human Rights Commission, Murray Murphy and another #PEI lawyer was still under active investigation.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” have refused to respond, to questions, surrounding their awarding Murphy a QC title , while Sherry proclaimed, publically, that Murphy, #UPEI , and “PEI Human rights commission” formal corruption complaints were still under active investigation.

The female victim claims the identity of the 2nd lawyer, involved in the forgeries, is RELATED to “PEI Premier Ghiz” . Murphy has remained silent regarding the identity of the second lawyer involved with the forged documents.

PEI and UPEI’s promotion of the abuse then destruction of female students, denying females basic human rights and denying females access to fair process clashes with “Justin Trudeau”‘s Federal liberal party’s stances on the rights for females.


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