#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island” Officials Claim “Murray Murphy” Directing #UPEI to do Illegal and Criminal Acts with ‘Protection’ From “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

UPEI Illegal and Criminal Acts

UPEI Illegal and Criminal Acts

“University of PEI” will refuse to comply with mediated “Human rights” contracts as soon as they sign them with female victims (bad faith mediation, following through on threats, breaches, criminal harassment, fraud).

“University of Prince Edward Island” officials claim they are being directed to do illegal acts, including criminal acts, by their “UPEI Lawyer”, “Murray Murphy”.
“Murray Murphy” and former “UPEI Dean of Education” were caught circulating and submitting forged apology letters and fraud documents to cover up several years of lies and scams. “UPEI Dean of Education” was demoted when caught submitting these forged and fraud documents to a National agency. UPEI ‘official’ documents are not credible. UPEI has refused to stop producing and circulating fraud and forged documents.

“UPEI” officials claim they have been given, what they refer to as, ‘immunity/protection’ from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” to continue to do illegal and criminal acts as directed to do so by “PEI Lawyer”, “Murray Murphy”. There was an obstruction of a police investigation by “UPEI” administration and “UPEI Education” Dean and professors which prevented criminal charges from being laid against a “UPEI faculty” member (Education professor). This was covered up by “UPEI”, “Murray Murphy”, “PEI Human rights commission” and another reported “PEI lawyer”; criminal harassment, mailing forged and fraud documents, fraud transcripts, threats, following through on threats, bribes, cover-ups, breaches, corruption and collusion, fraud, forgeries, bad faith mediation, breaches of trust, breaches of an agreement to mediate, breaches of a mediated contract, breaches of duty/office; negligence, slander, libel, unauthorized practice of law (PEI human rights mediator and UPEI Nursing Professor); and the list goes on.

A formal complaint was submitted and accepted by the PEI Justice “Minister Janice Sherry”, regarding the #corruption , #fraud , increased “human rights violations”, #discrimination , #harassment and abuses that a female victim endured. Such as, bad faith mediation, corrupted collusion, threats, and corrupted post mediation, including the forged and #fraud documents.

A lawyer/investigator in the Justice Department identified criminal acts in the victim’s complaint. These criminal acts were also cc to “PEI Premier Ghiz”. “PEI Justice Minister Sherry” and Education Minister, “Minister Alan MacIsaac” and the 2 law firms where each lawyer worked. Again, the victim requested a halt to the forged documents that UPEI refused to stop circulating. These were forged documents that were deemed a ‘criminal act’ by the “PEI Justice Department” lawyer/investigator.

In response to this information, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” honor “Murray Murphy” with a QC title. Sherry was confronted ,by the victim, in public. Sherry stated publically, that the investigation against UPEI, PEI Human Rights Commission, Murray Murphy and another #PEI lawyer was still under active investigation.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Minister Janice Sherry” have refused to respond to questions surrounding their awarding Murphy a QC title , while Sherry proclaimed, publically, that Murphy, #UPEI , and “PEI Human rights commission” formal corruption complaints were still under active investigation. An active investigation that described the forgeries, written by Murphy and an unnamed lawyer (related to #Ghiz ), as being a criminal act.

The female victim claims the identity of the 2nd lawyer, involved in the forgeries, is RELATED to “PEI Premier Ghiz” . Murphy has remained silent regarding the identity of the second lawyer involved with the forged documents.


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