#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island” and “Murray Murphy” Caught Submitting Forged and Fraud Documents to a National Agency: #UPEI documents Not Credible

"UPEI" 'official documents are NOT credible

“UPEI” ‘official documents are NOT credible

“University of Prince Edward Island” submitted forged and fraud documents to obstruct a police investigation where a “UPEI Education” professor was going to be charged by the police. This obstruction of a police investigation included the former “UPEI Dean of Education” and present interim “UPEI Dean of Education” along with “PEI Government” official, “UPEI Administration” and several “UPEI Education Professors”. The obstruction prevented a “UPEI Professor” from being charged. This was subsequently and continues to be covered-up by “UPEI”, “Murray Murphy”, an unnamed “PEI lawyer” which the victim claims to be related to “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Human rights commission”, “Minister Janice Sherry”, former “PEI Education” “Minister Doug Currie”, and present “PEI Education” “Minister Alan MacIsaac”.

As was threatened, on the same female victim, “UPEI” would not comply with any mediated contract that they sign with female victims, after a bad faith, corrupted and abusive “PEI human rights commission” mediation. The documented threats detailed the specifics, of a corrupted mediation and post mediation processes, where “UPEI” threatened increased violations, abuses, criminal acts, breaches, harassment, slander, libel, and discrimination with an increase in losses post mediation.

One of the multitude of threats made on this victim included “UPEI” would produce and circulate forged apology letters from the victim to her abusers. As soon as the victim signed the mediated contract, Murray Murphy, an unnamed “PEI lawyer” , according to the victim he is a relative of “PEI Premier Ghiz, and “UPEI Dean of Education” produced and circulated forged apology letters, from the victim to her abusers, (those who were named in her human rights complaints) (breach of contract, bad faith mediation, following through on threats, forgeries, criminal harassment, libel, slander, breaches of trust and office/duty).

The “UPEI dean of education” was caught submitting these forged apology letters and fraud documents to a national agency to cover up several years of lies and scams that “UPEI” had pulled to scam awards for professors who were named on “human rights” complaints. “UPEI” demoted the “UPEI dean of education” when caught by this National agency. The demoted “UPEI dean of education” was replaced with another Education professor who had been involved in submitting and caught lying during an investigation regarding the luring, targeting of female students; and submitting fraud documents to obstruct a police investigation; and scamming awards for professors who were named on human rights complaints. As well, both former and present UPEI deans of education were named on human rights complaints. The demoted “UPEI dean of education” resigned when he obtained a job at the community college where “PEI Premier Ghiz” had attended. In March, 2014, the former “UPEI Dean of Education’s” partner returned to PEI, to perform a cross dressing skit, for the Royals, to gain an International backlash.

“UPEI V-P Academics” and “UPEI Registrar” REFUSED to stop producing and circulating fraud and forged documents (criminal harassment, breaches, forgeries, fraud through mail etc) as they claimed they were following the directions of “PEI Law society” member “Murray Murphy”. UPEI officials claim they were given ‘immunity/protection’ to do these illegal and criminal acts from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

A formal complaint was submitted to “Minister Janice Sherry” who oversees the “PEI Human rights commission”. While Sherry proclaimed that the investigation into the acknowledged criminal acts of forgery by “Murray Murphy” and an unnamed “PEI Lawyer”; a corrupted “PEI Human Rights commission”, corrupted collusion with an increase in “harassment”, “discrimination”, including the banning of a female victim, from a public funded education institution; Ghiz and Sherry honor “Murray Murphy” with a QC title. Sherry and “PEI Premier Ghiz” have refused to respond to the multiple requests for explanation of giving Murphy a QC title, while under active investigation, including criminal acts that were acknowledged by a PEI Justice Department lawyer/investigator and updates on this formal investigation. “Minister Alan MacIsaac” refuses to respond to the multiple complaints of a female being banned access to public education while PEI funds UPEI with millions of “taxpayers” monies (alleged fraud).

The National Agency is connected with a large Canadian university. UPEI’s ‘official’ documents are NOT credible. UPEI has yet to be held accountable for the obstruction of a police investigation with a subsequent cover-up and the multitude of illegal acts, including criminal acts, that PEI officials and UPEI are involved in.


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