#UPEI, “University of PEI” Officials Claim their Illegal Acts Being Promoted and ‘Protected’ by #PEI, “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”

UPEI promoting abuses of female students

UPEI promoting abuses of female students

“University of Prince Edward Island” Officials claim the known illegal and criminal acts against female students is being directed by a “PEI law society” member, “Murray Murphy”, “UPEI Lawyer”. “UPEI” officials also claim that such illegal and criminal acts are being promoted while they are given ‘immunity/protection’ for such illegal acts and abuses of female students, from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”.

As per the documented threats made on a female victim, dated July 2011, the #UPEI officials maintain that “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy” are directing and promoting the illegal and criminal acts against the female students, while providing those involved, with such criminal and illegal acts, with ‘immunity/protection’.

There is a corrupted collusion between “UPEI” and the “PEI Human rights commission” as was threatened and documented, by a victim, before submitting her complaints with the corrupt commission. All documented threats of a corrupted and abusive mediation and post mediation were followed through on. As was threatened, the victim endured further violations, criminal and illegal acts, threats, harassment, bullying, and major losses as a result of going into a bad faith mediation with the “University of Prince Edward Island” mediators, “Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert”, the “UPEI Dean of Nursing”.

A dean of Nursing who was abusive to a victim suffering from PTSD due to being traumatized by a UPEI professor. A dean of nursing who increased the abuses, criminal acts, criminal harassment, slander, libel on an abused victim. Sickening and a horrid example of inhumanity. This “UPEI Dean of Nursing” should not be permitted near any abused victim as she increased the abuses, threats, harassment, and abuses. These acts of a “UPEI Dean of Nursing” were unethical, illegal and she needs to be held accountable, as well, for her corrupted role and abuses against a female victim.

“PEI Human Rights Commission” actively and remain active in their promoting brutal and inhumane abuses on female students at “UPEI”. In addition, these corrupt hypocrites have also promoted the “discrimination” and “harassment” of female victims. In a mediation, “PEI human rights commission” and “UPEI” REFUSED to comply with the “UPEI” Insurance carrier’s requirement of teaching against sexual harassment, stating that it would “Embarrass those involved” with the assaults, sexual harassment, slander, bullying of female victims. The “PEI Human rights commission” official reports OMITS the complaints against “UPEI”.

“Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”, “PEI Human rights commission”, and “PEI Ministers” remain steadfast in their corrupted ways, illegal and criminal acts against a female victim, their banning female victims from access to a public funded institution, breaches of a contract, and cover-ups in the luring, targeting and traumatizing abuses against female students, pay-offs/bribes for silence and/or participation in corruption, fraud, massive corruption and corrupted processes (breaches), following through on threats and obstruction of a police investigation and the cover-up of this criminal act.


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