#PEI “Premier Robert Ghiz” and “Minister Sherry” Honor “Murray Murphy” with ‘QC’ Title while Under Formal Investigation for Identified Criminal Acts

“Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz” and “PEI Minister Janice Sherry” Honor “UPEI Lawyer” with a “QC” Title while #Murphy Under Formal Investigation: #Corruption, #Collusion, #Cover-up at #UPEI, #PEI

A victim’s request for a formal investigation into the abuses of female students at #UPEI and the corrupted collusion between UPEI and “PEI Human rights commission” was accepted by the “PEI Minister” who oversees the “PEI Human rights commission”, October 2012.

Another formal complaint made to the “PEI Minister of Education” remains unanswered. The “PEI Minister of Education” has refused to acknowledge and/or respond to the multiple requests for a formal investigation , that is required, according to a police official , who reviewed a complaint made by the victim.

He also remains silent regarding the illegal banning of female victims to a “public” education government institution as UPEI officials state they do NOT comply with mediated settlements and/or human rights laws. They have knowingly banned a female access to public education that is funded with millions from federal funding , to the province.

April 2012, the victim submitted additional evidence backing complaints, for the formal investigation. Within hours of submitting this evidence, the Head of the “PEI human rights commission”, Howard, resigns and leaves province. The “PEI Minister” officials claim the formal investigation was temporarily halted, by Ghiz and Sherry, for unknown reasons, but claimed the formal investigation would resume, after they hired a new replacement for the Head of the “PEI Human Rights Commission”.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “PEI Minister Janice Sherry”, Minister of Justice and Minister overseeing the government run “PEI Human rights commission” have refused to respond, to the multiple requests for explanation and/or update on investigation.

The victim confronted Sherry with this question, in a public forum. Sherry claimed she received all requests, from the victim, but could not explain why the victim had not received any response.

Sherry claimed , publically, that the investigation was ongoing, and stated that the victim would be contacted by an official, from her office , within 2 weeks. Months later, the victim is still requesting Sherry, to honor her public statements and/or a statement or response regarding the official investigation.

The forged apology letters, from a victim to her abusers, named on the “PEI Human rights” complaint, being circulated by UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, and the former “UPEI Dean of Education” were caught, when the former dean submitted the forgeries to a National agency, to cover up a scam that UPEI had pulled on them. The scam was to get National awards for professors who were named on human rights complaints.

The “UPEI Dean of Education” was demoted then resigned.

The corrupted collusion, the increases of human rights violations on female victims who make complaints against UPEI and/or sign mediated contracts with UPEI remain ongoing. After #UPEI signs a mediated contract with victims, the abuses increase. UPEI officials claim they “do not comply with mediated contracts and/or human rights laws and/or laws”

The evidence submitted, April 2012, revealed the name and evidence of a second lawyer involved, with the UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”.

The evidence shows that a 2nd PEI lawyer was involved with “Murray Murphy”, producing and circulating forged apology letters; putting illegal gag clauses in a contract, covering up and allowing continued criminal acts while silencing the victim in these gag clauses; threats made to a victim, during an abusive and corrupted “human rights” mediation, with those threats being followed through on, by both PEI and UPEI officials.

While still under investigation, according to public statements made by “PEI Minister Janice Sherry”; Sherry and “PEI Premier Ghiz” honor “Murray Murphy”, with the title of QC (Nov 2013). Murphy has remained silent, on the name of the 2nd lawyer involved, regarding the forgeries (identified by Sherry’s department as a Criminal Act) and the other formal complaints , made by the victim, October 2012.

“PEI Premier Ghiz” and “PEI Minister Janice Sherry” refuse to respond, to requests for an explanation, regarding their unexplained and sudden halt to a formal investigation, when the victim submitted the evidence backing complaints of threatened, corrupted “collusion”; #abuses of victims, and the threatened increase, of abuses, on victims, who sign mediated contracts with #UPEI.

The unexplained halt to a formal investigation, where the Head of “PEI Human Rights Commission” resigned the same day the victim submitted the evidence, also conceals the role and identity, of the 2nd lawyer. A 2nd lawyer involved in the forged apology letters that “UPEI lawyer”, “Murray Murphy” and former “UPEI Dean of Education” were circulating.

A Justice Department lawyer/investigator identified the forgeries that were produced and circulated by “Murray Murphy” and another “PEI lawyer” as a ‘criminal act’. This information was cc to “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Law Society”, “Minister Janice Sherry” and “Minister Alan MacIsaac”. Ghiz and Sherry responded with honoring Murphy with a QC title, while Sherry even publically stated that UPEI, PEI human rights commission and Murphy were still under active investigation.

The 2nd lawyer is related to “PEI Premier Ghiz”.


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