#UPEI Never Settles “Sexual Harassment” complaints due to the corrupt collusion with “PEI Human rights commission”/Corrupt Mediation and Post Mediation where #UPEI will REFUSE to comply with any contract they sign

“PEI Human Rights Commission” has corrupted collusion with “University of Prince Edward Island”, #UPEI to promote the abuse of female students while rewarding the predators and deviants. The details of this corrupted #collusion was threatened on a victim, where the details were recorded. Both the mediation and post mediation threats were followed through. #UPEI has no intention on complying with the contract that they sign with victims, then the “Human rights” will block all further complaints of #retaliation #harassment #fraud and even banning the victim, illegally, from accessing the public funded #UPEI #UPEI officials state they banned the victim, produced #fraud documents, transcripts, #fraud apology letters, continued and escalated the #Harassment on the directions of “Murray Murphy” who refused to comply with the contract that he and “Rosemary Herbert” signed with victim, refused to follow the law, and worse yet, directed his clients, #UPEI to break laws.

#Collusion : “A secret agreement between persons/2 groups for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, those with whom they are negotiating. … The fundamental objection to collusion is that it promotes dishonesty and fraud, which, in turn, undermines the integrity of the entire judicial system.”

As was threatened, the corrupted, biased, harassing and abusive mediation with “Lorraine Buell” being the corrupted mediator along with “UPEI” mediators: “Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert”; was followed through exactly as had been described in the threats to the victim, July 2011.

Buell along with “UPEI” mediators, “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy” and his partner, “UPEI Faculty”, “UPEI Nursing” , “Rosemary Herbert”. Victims are brought into mediation, not in good faith, to endure bad faith mediation, all rules breached, victims harassed and abused by both the corrupt hypocrites at the “PEI Human Rights Commission” and the unethical and corrupt “UPEI”.

#UPEI (“Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert” Refuses to Comply with Mediated Contract they signed with victim (as had been threatened on victim, July 2011) but have no intention of complying and both actively NOT comply and both INCREASE the harassment and bullying; INCREASE discrimination by BANNING a victim from a public funded #UPEI. Active fraud with forged apology letters from victim to her abusers that Murphy and Turnbull are circulating. They even boldly submit them to the PEI human rights commission. A complaint was made but they refused to respond regarding the harassment and fraud /forged letters to slander and further harass the victim.

As soon as #UPEI signed the contract, they refused to comply. #UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” directed them NOT to comply and to break laws.

The Minister of Education and Premier refused to acknowledge requests for investigations (alleged Breaches of trust).

The investigation into the corrupted collusion, bad faith mediation, corrupt PEI Human rights commission was cut off when the victim submitted evidence showing the corrupted collusion (Howard resigned). But, it is alleged Breach of trust for the investigation to be cut off. #UPEI officials claim they were given ‘immunity’/protection from prosecution for breaking laws and not complying with a contract from “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

Also, #UPEI is funded with millions each year, from taxpayers’ funds. However, both the “PEI Minister of Education” and Premier, as well as “UPEI President” knew that #UPEI did not qualify for taxpayers’ monies as they had illegally banned the victim access to a public funded institution.

#UPEI’s non-compliance caused an escalation of abuses and violations against the victim. The evidence showed that #Prince Edward Island officials, “Prince Edward Island Human rights commission” and #UPEI were involved in the abuse of a female victim, which has lasted over the past 4 years, and remains ongoing.

#UPEI officials claim they acknowledge that their actions are illegal and admit to not complying with laws and not complying to a contract; however, they claim they are following the directions of “Murray Murphy” with immunity and protection from “PEI Law Society” member “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”, “PEI Government” officials.

This corrupted #collusion shows the depth of #corruption on #PEI and at #UPEI. This #collusion also denies females basic “human rights” and access to fair processes.

#UPEI never intends to comply with their mediated contracts and will increase the harassment and abuses while even banning victims from #UPEI. UPEI officials will claim they are doing these illegal acts on the direction of “Murray Murphy” and have been given ‘immunity’/protection from “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”. The evidence submitted during the investigation and then stopped by Ghiz and Sherry showed the corrupted collusion, and the evidence that UPEI never plans to ever comply with the contract they sign. The blocking of the investigation, in light of the evidence submitted showing this, could potentially be a breach in trust. Only an investigation from the RCMP could determine this.


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