#PEI, #UPEI, “University of PEI” Brutally Abusing, Assaulting Females: Females face re-victimization in a corrupted collusion that #UPEI has with “PEI Human Rights” so the victim can be destroyed, as threatened by “Murray Murphy” and #UPEI

There is a well-protected culture of deviance and appalling #abuses of female students, at the “UPEI” campus , that is well known, and protected, where those in positions of power and office have taken part, while others assist, along with those silent onlookers who silently watch such atrocious abuses occur, in this repulsive and ghastly culture of abuse of females, at “University of Prince Edward Island”, “Prince Edward Island”, Canada.

There is a targeting of female students at #UPEI. These targeted students are so brutally abused and traumatized that some have ended up with PTSD.

They are brutally mobbed, and harassed, bullied off campus and into silence. They are threatened mercilessly, and exposed to corrupted processes and corrupted officials, who abuse their power, positions, and breach trust and office.

When a victim makes a complaint, she will be exposed to fraudulent investigations and there will be attempts to blackmail her, she will be threatened, there will be attempts to make false accusations so the “UPEI President” can expel the victim, and if the victim manages her way around these corrupted ways, there will be someone at “UPEI”, such as the “President of UPEI” making a medical diagnosis claiming the victim is insane and he tells her he is putting her out on a mental health sick leave. The victim needs to be aware that she can respond to such a bogus insanity diagnosis, by a layperson, by informing the layperson, that a complaint will be made to the Medical society, for their practicing medicine, without a license, if they should follow through on such a threat to her.

In the meantime, she will be brutally abused by the #Bullying gang set up at “UPEI” to deal with any female victim, who dares to try to stop the brutality and/or tries to make complaints to authorities.

Corrupted Collusion Between #UPEI and “PEI Human rights commission” to corrupt the mediation and post mediation processes: Abuses females, females denied rights, denied access to fair processes, will be “destroyed” as was threatened and will be threatened again, in a corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” mediation when “Murray Murphy” will yell verbal assaults at the victim, including how he will “DESTROY HER” and any other female, who dares reports the abuses, when they were threatened not to.

#Collusion : “A secret agreement between persons/2 groups for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose to defraud and/or gain an unfair advantage over a third party, those with whom they are negotiating. … The fundamental objection to collusion is that it promotes dishonesty and fraud, which, in turn, undermines the integrity of the entire judicial system.”

The victim is then brutally abused and violated by both #UPEI and the “PEI Human rights commission” due to their atrocious scam that the “University of Prince Edward Island” has with the “PEI Human rights” commission. They have a corrupted collusion on how to deal with any female victim who makes complaints.

The #UPEI mediators consisted of 2 persons: “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, and “UPEI Nursing”, “UPEI Faculty”, member “Rosemary Herbert”.

The “PEI Human Rights” commission mediator was secretary, now corrupt mediator, who follows no rules, is biased, harasses the victim, and practices law without a licence stating bogus laws and cases to support #UPEI. The corrupt mediator is “Lorraine Buell”, with the planned corrupted mediation overseen by, “Greg Howard” (resigned April 2013)

This unspeakable corrupted collusion and the further suffering and abuses that the victim goes through is so vile and repulsive that it is sickening. Inhumanity of extreme degrees as the “University of PEI” colludes with the “PEI Human rights” commission to corrupt the mediation process, as well as, the post mediation process. The female victim is brutally abused.

“UPEI” has no intention of following through on any mediated contract they sign and will increase the abuses and violations post mediation.

The “PEI Human rights Commission” will prevent the victim from making any complaints, and/or will deny the complaints, in libelous reports, regardless of the blatant evidence, so “UPEI” can continue to destroy their victims while protecting and promoting the deviants, sexual predators, the abusers of females, abusers of power, those who get their ‘kicks’ out of abusing and violating females.

As soon as #UPEI signed the contract, they refused to comply, as had been threatened on victim in July 2011. Both mediators for “UPEI”, “Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert” refused to comply with the contract they signed.

#UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert” refused to comply with the contract, but shockingly, UPEI officials claim they refused to comply with the contract and the laws as they were being directed to do so by “Murray Murphy”. UPEI officials stated they banned the victim, wrote and circulated fraud documents, fake apology letters, fraud transcripts, cut off her thesis advisor, banned her access to the university knowing that it was against the law to not comply with the contract and laws,. Also knowing that such actions were devastating to an abused victim but they were being directed to do so by “Murray Murphy” and would continue to follow his directions although his directions were illegal acts they were engaged in and harming and destroying a victim.

For example, the victim was banned from #UPEI, #UPEI circulated bogus apology letters from the victim to her abusers, and have refused to stop; the “UPEI Registrar”, “Kathleen Kielly”, produced and circulated fraudulent transcripts, and have refused to stop; Herbert and Murphy, along with Lacroix, cut off her thesis advisor, to prevent her from completing her thesis; she was banned access to this public funded “UPEI”; she was brutally slandered and harassed, among other violations. (May 2012- present-ongoing)

The victim then faced being illegally banned from having access to the public funded #UPEI (Murphy, Herbert, UPEI mediators who signed the contract on behalf of UPEI);

– #UPEI knowingly circulated and continue to circulate fraudulent documents,

– “UPEI Registrar”, “Kathleen Kielly”, produced and circulated, known fraudulent transcripts, and the “University of Prince Edward Island” continued and continues to refuse to comply with the human rights contract, human rights laws, as well as, other laws.

#UPEI’s non-compliance caused an escalation of abuses and violations against the victim. The evidence showed that #Prince Edward Island officials, “Prince Edward Island Human rights commission” and #UPEI were involved in the abuse of a female victim, which has lasted over the past 4 years, and remains ongoing.

#UPEI officials claim they acknowledge that their actions are illegal and admit to not complying with laws and not complying to a contract; however, they claim they are following the directions of “Murray Murphy” with immunity and protection from “PEI Law Society” member “Murray Murphy and “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Government” officials

There are no “human rights” for female students on “Prince Edward Island” or at “University of Prince Edward Island”.

Worse yet, “Murray Murphy” and other officials who threaten that they will destroy any female who makes complaints against the horrid abuses and destruction that they are exposed to, seems to be a threat that is also followed through on.

Female students are so brutally abused that some acts could be considered “torture”. There is no female who is safe as the targeting can be anyone.

Once targeted, the life for that student, regardless of what she does to try to stop such an appalling and revolting violence against females.

A Case- July 2011- Victim threatened with details of the corrupted collusion both during mediation and post mediation: Specifics of the threats were documented, by the victim, at the time. The details include: who was involved, who would take part, how the scam would work, what would happen, and how and why the corrupted collusion works. The details of the specific harms were unspeakable. However, all the threats were followed through on.


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