“PEI Human Rights Commission” Corruption Includes Non-compliance to human rights laws, #Bullying and Abusing Female Victims at #UPEI

“PEI Human Rights Commission” Corruption Includes Non-Compliance to human rights laws, #Bullying and #Abusing Female Victims at #UPEI

“PEI Human rights” colluded with “University of PEI” under the approval of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and his corrupted “PEI government” officials.

Planned and corrupt “PEI Human Rights commission” collusion with #UPEI to abuse a female student who had placed complaints, against #UPEI, with the “PEI Human Rights” commission.

The initial group of scammers/bullies and protectors of deviants and abusers while they Destroy the female victims were:

  • former “President of UPEI”;
  • “Patsy MacLean”, harmed victims, who made complaints, while she was the fair treatment advocate at UPEI,;
  • “Murray Murphy”, the UPEI lawyer and “PEI Law society” member;
  • “Doug Currie”, PEI Minister and Ghiz’s inner circle ;
  • Turnbull, the former dean and “UPEI Faculty” member,
    (Turnbull was the Dean of Education, and headed one of the targeting scams at UPEI. He was demoted, Sept 2013, and resigned after being caught by #STLHE after he and Murphy submitted fraudulent apology letters, from the victim to abusers, to try to cover up the scam that UPEI and PEI pulled on the STLHE);
  • Turnbull’s sidekick, and paid bully,  Hilton.
  • Added to this group, in February 2011,  was the head of the “PEI Human Rights” commission, “Greg Howard”.

Howard resigned when the victim submitted the evidence of the PEI/UPEI collusion to corrupt and abuse a victim during and after a corrupted mediation process. The evidence was submitted to Sherry and Ghiz, (Department of Justice who oversees the corrupted PEI Human rights commission ).

Howard resigned in hours of the submission, of the evidence, that had been unknown to him and left the country within 3 weeks.

Ghiz and Sherry halted the investigation and remain unresponsive to the victim’s requests to stop the abuses and breaches that have occurred, with their refusal to continue the investigation.

Nov 2013, Sherry stated and promised the victim, in public, that she would have the ‘unnamed’ investigator respond to the victim, within 2 weeks, regarding updates on the investigation and to have the abuses and illegal acts stopped. However, Sherry and Ghiz still remain unresponsive to the victim again.

Sherry and Ghiz gave “Murray Murphy” the title,  QC,  on Nov 27, 2013. The victim’s evidence had shown the collusion, Murphy following through on the threats and his refusing to comply to laws and a signed contract as well as evidence that he directed his clients, UPEI, to refuse to comply with the contract and laws.  Evidence was also submitted to his verbal abuses and claims that “female students DESERVE to be Abused,.. Assaulted,… Bullied, …Destroyed…’ by UPEI.

Patsy MacLean’s involvement with abusing female victims at #UPEI,  in addition to doing unauthorized police background checks on victims,  to try to get information that could be used to  blackmail the victims into silence so they would drop their complaints of assault by UPEI professors.  She also was  involved with hiring Hilton, at the “PEI human rights” commission. (Feb 2011).


Why did UPEI need Hilton hired at the PEI human rights commission?

  • UPEI was aware of the females who were being targeted and some of the females who were on lists, to be targeted. Thus, Hilton was hired at the human rights commission to alert UPEI to any female students who accessed the human rights commission. The names of the victims would be relayed to the bully gang on the UPEI campus, which included the UPEI SU, so the female victims could be bullied into silence and off campus before they had a chance to make formal complaints regarding their being targeted and abused by UPEI professors and officials. (Feb 2011)


  • “Patsy MacLean” had previously identified Hilton, during an investigation, (Dec, 2010-Jan 2011) as one of the bullies at #UPEI, that Turnbull was paying, in research grants, to bully female victims into silence and off campus.


  • Maclean had Hilton  hired at the PEI Human rights commission, on a law grant, that she had access to, being on a “PEI Law Society” committee.


  • “Doug Currie” agreed to continue to pay MacLean’s bully, at the PEI Human rights commission, on a “PEI Government” contract. Hilton was to alert #UPEI to any female that had accessed the corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” so UPEI could get the bullies to harass the victim into silence and off campus.


  • Hilton also was to slander females who had made complaints at the “PEI human rights commission”. There had been formal complaints, against Hilton, regarding  such actions, as such actions also caused Hilton to be breaching human rights laws and refusing to comply with mediated human rights settlements with victims,  but he remained hired and this bullying/slandering remained covered up by #PEI officials and “PEI human rights commission”.


It was MacLean’s suggestion to have “Lorraine Buell” play the corrupted mediation role.  Buell played her role magnificently.


The Planned Collusion for a corrupted mediation  at the “PEI Human rights commission” –to further harm the victim who submitted her complaints: (Nov 2011)

(Finalized plans for this corrupt plan completed July 2011; Mediation was from Nov 2011- May 2012; then follow through after contract signed with even greater abuses, bullying and violations of human rights laws, and other laws,  from May 2012- ongoing)

The planning of this collusion was completed in July 2011. The victim was brought into this corrupted process where her rights were violated, she was threatened and harassed by both #UPEI (“Murray Murphy”, a “PEI Law Society” member and “UPEI faculty” and “UPEI Nursing” member, “Rosemary Herbert”) and the “PEI Human rights” commission mediator, “Lorraine Buell”, under the supervision of “Greg Howard” former Head of the PEI Human Rights commission (resigned April 2013 when the victim submitted evidence of a corrupted collusion and corrupt PEI Human rights commission).

It was planned that #UPEI would never comply with a contract they signed with the victim, in a corrupted “PEI Human Rights” mediation process so #UPEI and #PEI officials could further violate and abuse the female victim. A devious and inhumane collusion that shows how uncivilized #UPEI and #PEI officials have become in their twisted and perversion of abusing power and office to abuse female students.

Buell is a secretary, at the “PEI Human rights” commission, but refused to comply with the rules to mediate and did legal attacks on the victim, when she did not have legal representation. Actually, Murphy, Herbert and Buell constantly legally attacked the victim with bogus made up laws and cases.

. The victim and her support person had made a multitude of complaints, against Buell, as being a mediator, who was acting as a lawyer, without a license, biased, and who had breached the PEI Human rights commission contract to mediate and breached human rights laws. Howard refused to remove Buell and permitted the victim to be abused for 5 months.

The” PEI Human rights”, mediator, “Lorraine Buell”, and “Murray Murphy” decided together to mediate WITHOUT victim.

During this 5 month planned abusive mediation, “Murray Murphy” was yelling threats at the victim. “Murray Murphy” would launch verbal assaults on the victim, yelling that the victim “DESERVED to have been assaulted by her thesis professor”…that she “DESERVED everything bad and illegal that he and UPEI did to her”…and so much worse.

Cruel, inhumane treatment of a victim.


No Compliance with Contract and/or Laws, so says Murphy, PEI, and UPEI:

UPEI had never planned to comply with any mediated contract they had signed with victim:

“Murray Murphy” refused to follow laws and directed his clients, #UPEI, to break the law. “Murray Murphy” is a member of the “PEI law society”, and a licensed #PEI lawyer.

As was planned, and threatened on the victim, #UPEI DOES NOT COMPLY with the contract and produces fraudulent docs, fake apology letters from victim to abusers, and illegally bans victim access to this public funded institution, to name a few violations.

PEI, #UPEI continued their onslaught of “harassment”, “bullying”, and slander with their circulating fraud apology letters that “Murray Murphy” and #Turnbull were circulating after UPEI signed the mediated contract with the victim.. These fake letters were submitted to the #STLHE to cover up UPEI’s scam on this agency where #UPEI tried scamming awards for profs on “human rights” complaints. The fake letters were caught by the STLHE and UPEI was forced to demote the disgraced Education Dean, Turnbull, in Sept 2013 or be sued for the scam they pulled. Ghiz immediately got him a job at Ghiz’s former community college that he had attended in Quebec years ago.

All complaints of violations and abuses are ignored, as was planned, by the “PEI Human rights commission”, “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Minister of Justice”, “Janice Sherry”, and MacIsaac, the “PEI Minister of Education”.

This was planned during the corrupted and horrid devious collusion where the plan was finalized by Murphy and Howard, along with Ghiz’s approval, back in July 2011.


#UPEI Claims ‘Immunity’ /Protection for Abuses and Illegal Acts: Is that legal UPEI, PEI?

May 2012- present: #UPEI claim they will continue to refuse to comply with contracts and laws.

#UPEI officials openly state that they are aware of their breaking laws; but, stated in meetings that they have, so called protection/ ‘immunity’ given to them by #Ghiz and #Murphy to break laws and to continue to “bully” an abused victim.

Thus, #UPEI officials stated to the victim, that they will not stop the illegal ban and/or stop circulating fraudulent documents, as they have protection and IMMUNITY from the “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “UPEI lawyer”, “Murray Murphy”, who directed UPEI. to break the laws and contracts in the first place. A threat originally made to the victim on July 2011. UPEI and PEI have continued to follow through on documented detailed threats made to this victim..

When caught, they are protected by a made up, illegal ‘immunity’ given to them by those who are running this corrupt campus and government, including the very corrupted and violating “PEI Human Rights Commission”.

#Abuses of power and office, breaches of trust are prevalent in corrupted, oppressive environments. A culture of 3corruption, #deviance and #bullying has been ongoing for 4 years, for this female victim, who continues to suffer horrific losses, abuses and violations.

The only group, more sickening, than the #UPEI, #PEI corrupted deviants, bullies are the corrupted deviants, bullies and abusers, at the corrupted “PEI Human Rights” who have violated the rights and laws they so hypocritically pretend they represent. “The only thing worse than a liar, is a liar who is also a hypocrite”, PEI Human rights and Janice Sherry.